Gilded Precept

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Gilded Precept
Destiny 2 Gilded Precept Start.jpg


Neptune, Neomuna

Enemy factions:

Cabal (Shadow Legion)

Connecting areas:

Ahimsa Park

Area type:

Lost Sector


The Gilded Precept is a Lost Sector on Neptune located in a small part of the Typhon Imperator interior that serves as a gladiator arena for the Shadow Legion. As the Guardian make their way through, Empress Caiatl and Ghost speculate that the Shadow Legion attempted to recreate the Rite of Proving without any of the context behind it and now it serves as another form of entertainment.[1][2]


When first entering the Lost Sector, the Guardian can see through a window to the boss arena below where a Ultra Centurion and its forces battling against Red Legion Cabal. The Lost Sector itself consists of several small rooms and hallways with Shadow Legion as obstacles. A large room with shifting walls will have the player fighting a large regiment of cabal guarding a locked door. Eventually, a pair of glowing Honored Centurions will appear. killing them will drop a bloom, a small device that is used as a key to unlock the door. Once both blooms have been deposited, the door will open allowing the player to proceed to the boss room. Upon entering the arena, a Drop pod lands on the Centurion in the center, killing them instantly. Valus Tharum, Gladiatorial Overseer emerges from the Pod to fight the Guardian and will stay in the center of the room, until they reach a third of their health where they'll move to the back of the arena, firing their Slug Launcher calling in Shadow Legion for support. After killing him, the player is able to open the chest and exit the arena.



  • The entrance to the Lost Sector seems slightly unnatural as if the walls themselves have shifted to make crooked hallways to allow a side passage inside.
  • Cabal Shields used by Phalanxs from Destiny 1 can be seen decorating many parts of the Lost Sector.
  • It is unknown if the Red Legion seen fighting in the arena were prisoners being used as live targets for training or Imperial deserters that are looking to prove themselves to the Shadow Legion via ritual combat.