Methane Flush

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Methane Flush
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Siren's Watch

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Methane Flush is a Lost Sector in the New Pacific Arcology, Titan. It is guarded by Karugul.

Points of interest[edit]

  • Karugul is a phase boss. This means that once they take enough damage, they will move further into the lost sector. [1]
  • When looking at the area with the black squares on the floor in the first room, a subtle effect is put over the lighted surfaces that uses the player's position as a reference. The effect is that of light reflecting off of water, and it changes based off of the viewer's movements. [1]
  • There are small pulsating orange sacs to the right and left of the lost sector chest that rattle back and forth when shot. [1]
  • There is a very large, slowly moving, tentacle behind the lost sector chest of unknown origin or species. [1]

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