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New Pacific Arcology, Titan


Golden Age Tech. Recovery / Analysis

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Hiya! I'm OwlBrick, Founder of Coop Co-Op! My Ghost and I are currently working with Deputy Commander Sloane and Amanda Holiday on digging up some of the golden age tech here in the Arcology, while also mapping out and gaining intel on the area to add to our databases. If anyone has a way of getting this Hive gunk out of my feathers, please let me know!

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Why would I be watching movies when I could be playing Destiny?


Why would I be watching TV when I could be playing Destiny?


Destiny OST


Why would I be... you get the point.

Video games

Take a lucky guess.

HA! Gotcha! Monster Hunter, Portal, Journey, NITW, TF2, Skyrim VR, SuperHot VR, Surgeon Sim VR (I got all the achievements in that one), BioShock, Halo, Undertale (neverspeakofthis), and Off (yeahnevertalkaboutthatoneeither, even thought that was, like, 2011). Oh yeah, and Destiny (Fingers crossed D2 will get better!)


The Economist

(Ha! Gotcha AGAIN!)

Destiny tidbits
Favorite Destiny moment

Me and some of my buddies from Coop Co-Op were all together against another team of 4 in Survival, and we did nothing but dance the entire time. They were at 3-0, and they T-bagged one of us, and we lost our minds. 4 pitiful rounds later, the score was 4-3 with us having won. We then all messaged their top player, "Should've danced," simultaneously. Hoot Hoot! Teaches them!

Worst Destiny moment

Grinding for my Exotic Swords in D1

Anything else

Don't ruffle my feathers.

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