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"Vex encryption. Unbreakable? Ha, so they say."
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Neptune, Neomuna

Enemy factions:

Sol Collective

Hostile races:


Connecting areas:

Límíng Harbor


Area type:

Lost Sector


The Thrilladrome is an indoor arcade-themed Lost Sector located on Neptune that is occupied by the Vex. It features a large variety of games and entertainment for the people of Neomuna and, was described by Sam Moleyn to be, the premier destination for Extreme E-sports in Neomuna. The Thrilladrome had root access to the CloudArk to help crunch cycles, which led Vex under the command of Agon, Strategic Hydra to attempt to create a backdoor into the Cloudark by using the building's mainframe to create a portal into the Vex Network.


In this lost sector, the player will come across four Circumstancial Controllers that are staring at an arcade machine. It is best to leave them alone, as they are useful for the boss fight. When the player enters the Vex Network, some platforms are phasing in and out of existence. The boss room has few places to stand, so it is quite easy to fall as the room is mostly a large open pit. There will be up to four Circumstancial Avatars (1 for each Circumstancial Controller left alive). Once eliminated, they will drop a Vex Cranium, a powerful Arc beam weapon that the player can use to take out Vex infantry or the boss with ease.

In order to summon Agon, two vex cubes forming an immunity shield over a Cyclops must be destroyed. Dismantling these two cubes will also stop the platforms from vanishing. Once the player has destroyed the Cyclops, Agon and multiple Harpies will spawn out of the exit portal. The Hydra's battle tactics are highly aggressive and can overwhelm and easily kill the player if they are not careful. Once Agon is defeated, the player can open the chest and leave via a portal back into the arcade.



  • Many of the arcade games are themed around racing and dancing.
  • The arcade machines with white lines and arrows are similar to what is displayed on the screens and monitors at Bray Exoscience and Eternity on Europa.
    • These same machines, as well as some glass panels, can be damaged and destroyed.
  • There are Hive statues on some of the arcades despite no hive presence in the lost sector on Neptune. It could be possible they were made via observations of their activity on Earth and other territories the Hive occupy.
  • Hunter helmets can be seen in some claw games.
  • There are small pieces of the Vex Network on the arcade consoles the Circumstancial Controllers use.
  • The only Vex unit that needs to be killed to activate the Vex network portal is a single Quantum Harpy at the end of the arcade.
  • You can exit the Vex Network without killing Agon, however doing so will not open the exit door of the arcade.