The Message, Part III

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The Message, Part III


Destiny 2


The Final Shape




The Pale Heart, The Traveler

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The Message, Part III is the third quest of the Final Shape expansion.


  • Find the Lost Sector Entrance
  • Enter the Lost Sector
  • Clear the Lost Sector
  • Commune with the Traveler


"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
The following is a verbatim transcription of an official document for archival reasons. As the original content is transcribed word-for-word, any possible discrepancies and/or errors are included.

Ghost: This is the last one. Let's get looking.

Ghost: When we first came through the portal, we received a vision. Was it the same for you, Crow?

The Crow: No, what did you see?

Ghost: Energy… all kinds. An orchard of Silver Wings. Darkness infecting the Traveler. And Light… so much Light.

The Crow: It shows you what you need to see. Diametric forces your Guardian now wields in harmony.

The Guardian enters into a cave entrance on the side of a mountain.

Ghost: We're here. I'm picking up Taken energy signatures and a powerful source of Light…

Ghost: Could be an uncorrupted fissure-our last opportunity to commune with the Traveler.

Arriving within the Lost Sector known as the Blooming Deep, they discover Taken engaging with the Lightbearer Wizard, Luzaku.

Ghost: There's a Hive Lightbearer down here, a Wizard!

Ghost: And it's-wait! It's helping us? It's fighting the Taken!

Luzaku: This one is not your enemy! This one will assist you. But you must hurry. The Taken are converging on what you seek.

The Guardian navigates further through the cave, fighting their way through Taken and Dread. They eventually arrive in a room to discover Luzaku battling the Witness's forces and maintaining a Hive barrier blocking the entrance to prevent them from reaching the fissure. As the Guardian defeats the enemy forces, including an Omen, Luzaku relinquishes the barrier and teleports away. Arriving to the room with the fissure, the Guardian defeats Taken forces led by Azshrūnah ur-Nokru, the Sacrificed while Luzaku creates a barrier around the fissure. With the enemy forces defeated, Luzaku lowers the barrier, revealing the fissure is uncorrupted.

Luzaku: This one is Luzaku. This one is not your enemy.

Luzaku destroys the material blocking the entrance out of the Sector.

Ghost: What is going on? How did you get here?

Luzaku: Infiltrated the Black Fleet at the Witch Queen's Command. Drawn here when the vessel passed the Threshold. The Sky, the Light, calls to this one.

Luzaku: The Gardener's touch is here. Brimming with life.

Ghost: Gardener? You mean, the Traveler drew you here?

Luzaku: Are we not all reborn for a purpose?

Ghost: If this is a trick…

Luzaku: The Sky is too bright here for shadows of deception. Do the Gardener's bidding. This one will not interfere with its message.

Ghost: Cayde, Crow-we're here for you to transmat in. This fissure hasn't been infected yet.

Cayde and Crow transmat to the Sector, standing closely to the fissure.

The Crow: I don't here anything.

Cayde walks closer towards the fissure.

Cayde-6: Mind if I try?

Cayde-6: [gasps]

The Crow: What is it?

Cayde-6: It's a… it's a child's voice.

The Crow: Are you serious?

Cayde-6: Yeah, no it's… it's whispering something. "Crooow". "Croooow…"

Cayde-6: "Why did you murder the handsomest Hunter in Sooooool…" [laughs]

The Crow: Bastard.

Cayde walks directly into the fissure.

Cayde-6: Woah, woah, wait. Wait, wait. You hear that?

The Crow: Come on! Knock it off.

Cayde-6: No, I'm serious this time. No, I-

Cayde-6: [gasp sharply]

Cayde stretches out his arms as he successfully communes with the Traveler.


Finding himself within a completely white place, Cayde looks around in confusion.

Cayde-6: Hello?

Cayde-6: [echoes]

Looking behind, Cayde spots Crow walking with his back turned behind him

Cayde-6: Oh! Hey!

Cayde walks towards Crow's direction.

Cayde-6: You're here too, great.

Cayde-6: Maybe we can-

Crow vanishes into the whiteness. Curiously, Cayde looks in the distance to see something unperceivable. He then moves his head towards the left direction to find himself on another side, specifically the Last City.

Cayde-6: Huh… what the hell?!

Now looking through a door, Cayde watches Crow and Glint as they walk over to the edge of a roof to overlook the Last City and the Traveler.

Cayde-6: Oh, Ikora's gonna love this.

Crow looks in the distance and then gives Glint a grin as his Ghost floats towards his side.

Female Ghost voice: Devotion.

Cayde looks behind the door to see mass destruction in the Last City as Ikora defends civilians from a Vex Hydra. When the Hydra shoots Ikora in the arm, she falls to the ground and looks back up to see an Eliksni holding hatchlings.

Female Ghost voice: Bravery.

Ikora's Ghost, Ophiuchus heals her, allowing her to stand back up on her feet and summon a Nova Bomb which she throws. As the explosion causes Cayde's vision to go white, he opens his eyes to find himself in a dark room with Zavala and Targe standing behind his casket. Zavala takes the blanket and uses it to cover Cayde's arm completely. As Zavala attempts to put his hand on Cayde's body, Targe flies toward his hand to stop him and speaks with another voice.

Sundance: Sacrifice.

Sundance herself flies next to Cayde, revealing she is the voice speaking in the vision.

Cayde-6: The Guardian tenets…

Sundance: Hi.

Cayde-6: Sundance?

Cayde-6: Is that really you?

Cayde walks closer to Sundance and reaches out his hand.

Sundance: I'm what you wanted me to be.

Sundance flies into Cayde's hand.

Cayde-6: [sighs] I don't understand.

Sundance: I know.

Cayde and Sundance look towards Zavala and Targe as they look down at the casket.

Sundance: You've been here before.

Sundance: You will be here again.

Sundance flies further away, turning her back to Cayde

Sundance: You just don't remember.

Sundance: You can't.

Cayde walks towards Sundance.

Sundance: What comes from the Light…

Sundance: returns to the Light.

Cayde stops in his steps.

Cayde-6: W-What if what I want is to stay here?

Cayde-6: With you.

Sundance: If that's the fate you make.

Freezing in her tracks, Sundance turns around and looks at Cayde.

Sundance: But you're always with me, Cayde.

Sundance: Guardians, Ghosts, the Traveler…

Sundance: We're all connected. We're-

The shot switches to the bird of Light being subsumed in the Witness's corruption, before quickly switching to the Witness's face, consumed with race upon discovering Cayde's communion. As the shot switches back to the vision, Cayde finds himself within the Prison of Elders once more, looking beside him to see Sundance shaking uncontrollably as she begins to malfunction.

Cayde-6: Sundance…

Sundance: Devotion, bravery, sacrifice…

Cayde-6: The Guardian tenets-I, I… know.

Cayde-6: I… I know, I know! I heard you the first time! But you forgot one…

Cayde-6: It's…

Suddenly Pirrha, the Rifleman aims his sniper at Sundance as he prepares to fire.

Cayde-6: NO! [echoes]

Cayde pulls out the Ace of Spades and attempts to run towards Sundance, however she is destroyed by Pirrha as an outburst of Light is emitted in slow motion.

(Cutscene Ends)

With Sundance destroyed in the vision, Cayde's communion with the Traveler ends

Cayde-6: No… no! No.

The Crow: Cayde, what happened? What did you see?

Crow touches Cayde's arm.

Cayde-6: Don't touch me! Don't. Don't touch me. Don't. No. [breathes heavily]

Cayde pulls his hand away from Crow's. Overwhelmed by the vision, Cayde walks away from the fissure and transmats away, with Crow doing the same shortly after.

Ghost: Cayde?

Cayde-6: "Devotion, bravery, sacrifice… death."

Cayde-6: I saw her. I saw my Sundance! The Witness kicked me out before I could get anything else.

Ghost: Take your time. You can tell us more when you're ready.

Ghost: Luzaku, thank you. What will you do now?

Luzaku: Contemplate. Protect. Plan. This one's place is here. Defiant to the all-edged lie. We all have our purposes.

Ghost: You're staying to protect this place?

The Crow And your kin? They attacked us.

Luzaku: We are all our own individuals. This one cannot control them. They do as they feel is right. This one does not agree.

The Crow: We should get back to Zavala and Ikora and tell them what we found.

Luzaku: Walk in the Sky, Guardians.

{End Mission:The Message, Part III}


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