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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Starcrossed (Exotic Mission)
Queens, Part I (Story)


Hope (Exotic Mission)
Queens, Part II (Story)

Wild Card


Destiny 2


The Final Shape




The Pale Heart, The Traveler

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Wild Card is an Exotic Mission introduced in The Final Shape. This mission can only be completed once per player account, and completing it will reward the Guardian with the Still Hunt Exotic Sniper Rifle.


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  • Investigate the Area
  • Set Up Camp
  • Collect Tainted Dark Ether
  • Locate the Energy Signature
  • Defeat the Devourer of Tainted Light
  • Return to Base Camp
  • Investigate Campsight
  • Speak with Cayde and Crow
  • Mediate
  • Clear the Area
    • Blights Destroyed
      • X of 4
      • X of 2
  • Speak with Crow
  • Locate Shortcut
  • Inspect Dead Fallen
  • Draw Out the "Megashank"
  • Defeat the Hoarder of Tainted Light
  • Operation Boom Pop Wow
  • Track the Dark Ether
  • Track Energy Signature
  • Defeat the Harvester of the Witness
  • Fill Dark Ether Collecter
    • Tainted Dark Ether deposited
      • X of 10
  • Celebrate Your Victory


"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
The following is a verbatim transcription of an official document for archival reasons. As the original content is transcribed word-for-word, any possible discrepancies and/or errors are included.
Mission Begins

The Crow: This is the spot Micah told us about; the Witness is experimenting with Dark Ether and Screebs.

Cayde-6: All right, first step of every successful mission is a codename. I'm thinking… "Operation Butterscotch Katana."

The Crow: Really?

Cayde-6: I'm not hearing any bright ideas coming outta you.

The Guardian investigates a cliff while Shanks radiating with Dark Ether fly away.

The Crow: Those enemies are glowing with Dark Ether. Find them and clear out as many as we can.

Cayde-6: Good call; let's keep looking.

A pack of War Beasts radiating with Dark Ether pounce on the Guardian. As the Guardian slays them, they begin to travel towards their next location, while discovering that hordes of Screebs.

The Crow: The Dark Ether in these Screebs is volatile. The Witness is intentionally using them to spreads its corruption.

Cayde-6: Ok, so we just have to defeat an entire tainted ecosystem. No biggie.

The Guardian arrives at the next location and investigates a dirt patch.

Cayde-6: Screebs! Oh I hate those creepy little things.

The Crow: It's not their fault. The Scorn… can't help what they are.

Cayde-6: Hey, I'm not here to psychoanalyze-just shoot things. Let's set up a base of operations, maybe by that waterfall.

Travelling towards a waterfall, the Guardian investigates the area for Cayde and Crow

Cayde-6: Yeah… this will do nicely.

The Crow: A good Hunter never travels without supplies. Maybe Glint can transmat some in.

The Crow: Guardian. Could you do the honors?

Beneath the mountain, the Guardian sets up the tent.

Cayde-6: It has been a while since I've slept under the stars. Hope there's no mosquitos. I hate mosquitos.

The Guardian sets up the tent, along with chairs and a table.

The Crow: It's not much, but it's somewhere we can sit and focus.

Finally, the Guardian sets up the Dark Ether collected.

The Crow: We can dump the Dark Ether we collect here. Later, we'll deposit of it and get that poison out of the Traveler completely.

Travelling out of the camp sight, the Guardian discovers Screebs and War Beasts clashing. With War Beasts devouring Screebs and becoming tainted by Dark Ether.

The Crow: Those things weren't normal Screebs. They were dripping with the Witness's corruption.

Cayde-6: Essence of Screeb, mm. Screeb musk. Eau du Screeb, if you will.

The Crow: I will not.

Cayde-6: Hey, one of the perks of being in the Vanguard is getting to come up with the names.

The Crow: This is serious!

Cayde-6: Which is exactly why it needs a stupid name! It helps keep it Light.

The Guardian receives a minuscule amount of Dark Ether by killing Screebs.

The Crow: It's hard to track the source with so many hostiles around. Work your magic, Guardian.

Navigating to the next location under the bridge, the Guardian slays throngs of Screebs to retrieve further Dark Ether.

The Crow: OK, I'm picking up a concentrated signature nearby.

The Crow: Releasing all of this Dark Ether seems to have lured something out.

Cayde-6: That must be what's driving these things so crazy. They're attracted to it-they smell blood in the water.

The Crow: And we're about to walk into a feeding frenzy.

Locating the energy signal to a cavern under a mountain, the Guardian uncovers dead Screebs and uses their Ghost to scan them.

The Crow: Teeth marks. The Ether's been drained from them.

Cayde-6: Yeah, we see Screebs, but the war beasts see tasty little Dark Ether dumplings. Not. Appetizing.

Travelling towards a cave entrance with dead Cabal, the Guardian destroys the Cabal Scorpius's set up for defence.

The Crow: There's a whole array of defence mechanisms here.

Cayde-6: [groans] I know all about those.

The Crow: Heh, right there with you.

The Guardian sends out their Ghosts to scan one of the dead Cabal bodies.

The Crow: Dead Shadow Legion. Something used these guys as a chew toy.

A loud War Beast roar is heard.

The Crow: Guardian, look out!

Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.
A pack of War Beasts led by the Devourer of Tainted Light emerge from the cave. As the Guardian wounds the Devourer, it raises its immunity shield and retreats into a Cabal projection shield containing Taken. With its safety assured, the Devourer relinquishes its shield. Destroying the Scorpius defending the shield, the Guardian then enters inside to slay the Taken and continue their confrontation with the Devourer. Continuing to damage the Devourer, it regains its immunity shield and flees into another Cabal shield before relinquishing its immunity. Defeating the Taken and Dread forces and further harming the Devourer, it retreats into the first Cabal shield for one more encounter with the Guardian. However the ferocious War Beast is slain in a formidable brawl.

The Crow: That war beast couldn't be the only source of the Dark Ether. There's more going on here than we thought.

Cayde-6: Well, it's a good thing that I came back from the dead to help, huh, kid?

The Crow: Guess so. I'm stating to think wishing for you wasn't a mistake after all.

Cayde-6: Maybe. Y'know… something about that wish stuff still doesn't sit right with me.

The Crow: Huh. Let's dump this Ether back at camp, and then… talk it out, Hunter to Hunter.

The Guardian returns to the campsight and destroys a small group of Shanks while discovering Dark Ether spilled on the ground with the tank missing.

The Crow: What are those Shanks doing here?

The Crow: The barrel is gone. We can't let the Witness's forces reclaim it; hold on. I-I think I can track its path.

The Crow: Yeah. There's a lot of interference, but I can figure out a likely location. Give me a minute.

Cayde-6 alongside Crow arrive to the Campsight

Cayde-6: While your calculations are cooking, pull up a chair. There's something I've gotta talk to you about.

The Guardian observes the conversation between Cayde-6 and Crow

Cayde-6: You know, between us, I think part of me always knew it wasn't the Traveler that brought me back.

Cayde-6: I ain't that special.

The Crow: That's not true.

The Crow: Ikora needs you; Zavala needs you. Your Hunters need you!

Cayde-6: No, that's not the thing. See, I'm not sure they do anymore.

The Crow: I'll tell you a secret.

The Crow: I'm not always so sure I have one either… A purpose. I tell myself I was chosen for a reason, but…

The Crow: We all crave meaning, Cayde. That's just life, no matter who or what gave it to you. Do whatever you want with it.

Cayde-6: Thanks, kid.

Before beginning their search for the stolen Dark Ether, the Guardian mediates within the tent.

The Crow: Guardian, we've got Taken approaching the camp!

The Crow: C'mon! I could use a hand.

Awakening from their mediation, the Guardian destroys one of the Blights by slaying the Taken around it.

The Crow: Sorry to disturb your mediation. Cayde's out there tracking down our stolen barrel, and I spotted these things closing in.

The Crow: Taken don't act without a leader. I'll find out what's commanding them; you can take out those blights.

Traveling across the Landing, the Guardian defeats hordes of Taken, destroying the three other Blights in the process.

The Crow: Found their leader! Sending you the location.

The Guardian destroys two further Blights by defeating the Dread forces defending it.

The Crow: The rest of the Blights are fading. I think we're in the clear for now.

The Crow: I secured the camp. Come back when you have the chance.

With the Blights destroyed, the Guardian returns to the camp to speak with Crow.

The Crow: Nice work out there, Guardian.

The Crow: Cayde… has his own way of doing things. I respect that. He might not think he's special, but… he's got a special something.

The Crow: The type of heroism that doesn't typically lead to a line of succession.

The Crow: It's why the Hunters were loyal to him, why many still are. It's why the Vanguard is still incomplete.

The Crow: Why you hunted down Uldren.

The Crow: Get some rest, Guardian. I'll stand watch, and let you know when Cayde calls in.

As their conversation concludes, the Guardian returns to their mediation in the tent. Upon completing their mediation, they discover that Cayde-6 has uncovered who had stolen their Dark Ether tank.

The Crow: Hey, Guardian. Cayde found out who stole our barrel of Ether.

Cayde-6: It was those Shanks! Or possibly some different, unrelated Shanks. Either way, c'mon over! We're shootin' Shanks!

The Crow: Sending you our location. Come and meet us… and bring some bullets.

The Guardian begins to travel towards the coordinates given to them by Crow.

Cayde-6: Well, the big one hasn't shown itself yet, so we're keeping watch.

Cayde-6: I'm thinkin' you nestle into that cave next to us, and we'll have ourselves a good old-fashioned stakeout.

The Crow: Good plan, Cayde. Though… you don't really strike me as a quiet and patient

Approaching a cliff, the Guardian jumps down to the cave entrance below it, eventually arriving to a cavern on a side of a mountain. Discovering dead Fallen within, the Guardian sends out their Ghost to scan one of the Fallen's bodies.

Cayde-6: These are laser burns. The Shanks went haywire, just like we saw with the war beasts.

The Crow: This Dark Ether Corrupte wiring just like it affects organisms. That's… alarming.

Cayde-6: Like we needed even more of a reason to wipe it out.

Cayde-6: [groans] Stakeouts make me antsy.

The Crow: Sit still. Weren't you the one who suggested this?

Cayde-6: Y'know, the only thing better than my first ideas… are my second ideas.

Cayde-6: What if we let the Guardian do what they do best and just unleash hell?

The Crow: And let their fire draw out their leader-smart! Sounds like a plan!

Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.
Spotting Shanks in the distance, the Guardian destroys them to lure out their leader, the Hoarder of Tainted Light.

Cayde-6: Nine! Ten!

The Crow: Are you keeping count?

Cayde-6: No, no, no, just shootin' things and sayin' numbers. That's 12, by the way.

The Crow: Oh, OK. As long as you didn't think this was a competition…

The Crow: …Because I'm at 13.

Cayde-6: Oh, that's how it's gonna be?

The Crow: C'mon, old guard! I dare you to beat me.

Cayde-6: Oh, be careful with that word.

As the Guardian continues to damage the Hoarder, it temporarily raises its Immunity Shield before lowering it and flying closer towards them while bringing forth Exploder Shanks for assistance. Continuing to damage the Hoarder, it raises its shield once again before lowering it upon arriving into the cavern to confront the Guardian face to face alongside its forces. Ultimately the Guardian succeeds, destroying the Heavy Shank, retrieving the Dark Ether, and forcing its forces to retreat in the process.

The Crow: Look at all this raw Ether. Our barrel is still missing, though.

The Crow: Hold on, let me check the Mega-Shank's data. Well, well… got the coordinates of where it originated.

Cayde-6: Sounds like the perfect place to continue our investigation. "Operation Boom Pop Wow" is back on track!

The Crow: What about… Operation "Pop-Scorn"?

Cayde-6: Hey, there you go! You see how fun it is?

The Guardian returns to camp where Cayde-6 and Crow are sitting together at the campfire.

The Crow: I know you still hate me, deep down, but we should probably stick together from now on.

Cayde-6: I don't hate you.

Cayde-6: I don't even hate Uldren. We both played our hands, and his trumped mine.

Cayde-6: It cost me my life, my friends, Sundance… Aw man. Sundance. She was everything.

Cayde-6: But… I got dealt a new hand, and get to choose how I play it next.

The Crow: Cayde, I need you to know I'm sorry. All of me.

Cayde-6: Everybody makes mistakes, kid. And everybody, I mean everybody, pays for 'em.

Cayde-6: Don't you think we've both paid enough?

Tracking the Dark Ether signature, the Guardian follows its source to eventually arrive in the Transgression.

The Crow: Dark Ether readings are off the charts. We must be closing in on the source.

Cayde-6: So, where to next, boss?

The Crow: "Boss"?

Cayde-6: Yeah. If you were leading the mission, what would you do?

The Crow: Hit the source of Dark Ether, find the Screeb-hole, and shut the whole thing down.

Cayde-6: Screeb-hole! Great. Name.

Finally, the Guardian arrives at the source of the Dark Ether, located within a cave.

The Crow: Judging by the smell alone… [coughs] this is our Screeb-hole.

Entering into the cave, the Guardian defeats packs of Screebs to eventually arrive at the cavern, where their Dark Ether tank resides.

The Crow: There's our barrel. Why did they drag it in here.

Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.
Hearing a loud roar, the Guardian is then confronted by the large Scorn Abomination, Lii'liks, Harvester of the Witness, who bears an Immunity Shield annd is accompanied alongside Taken forces.

Cayde-6: Oh, ho, this thing's all KINDS of ugly!

The Crow: This looks like the Dark Ether source, Guardian. Light it up!

Cayde-6: Let's pop some Screeb!

Lowering its Immunity Shield, Lii'liks engages with the Guardian, bringing forth miniature Screebs to the battle.

The Crow: Taken coming in as backup! They're on me!

Cayde-6: I got your back!

The Guardian damages Lii'liks, causing it raise its Immunity Shield and retreat into the cave tunnels.

Cayde-6: Lure's empty; it's making a run for it!

The Crow: We'll track it down!

Killing Screebs to retrieve tainted Dark Ether, the Guardian then deposits it into the barrel to lure Lii'liks back into the cave with its shield lowered. Damaging Lii'liks further, the Abomination raises its shield once again and retreats into the tunnels.

The Crow: It's in the tunnels; I'm going in after it!

Cayde-6: Great, I'll drop anything you flush out!

Slaying hordes of Screebs once more, the Guardian deposits their Ether into the barrel, causing Lii'liks to return.

The Crow: It's in the open! Cayde, block off the exit!

Cayde-6: On it!

Despite its fearsome strength and potent abilities, the Guardian defeats Lii'liks, bringing an end to the Witness's Dark Ether operation.


Cayde-6 and Crow walk into the cave cavern, looking down at Lii'liks's remains.

Cayde-6: Oh, yep, definitely has a smell.

Cayde-6: But I do see a gross but I could use for a-

Astonishingly, Lii'liks rises from the dead.

Cayde-6: WHOA!

Getting back on its feet, Lii'liks attempts to change towards Cayde-6 and Crow, however it collapses onto the ground as miniature Screebs come off its back. Pulling out their weapon, both Cayde-6 and Ceow begin to shoot the Screebs, with Crow shooting a Screeb on a cave pillar, causing the cave roof to shake.

The Crow: We can cave 'em in!

Cayde-6 kicks a Screeb in the air as Crow shoots it, before Crow kicks a Screeb behind him to a pillar. Standing together, Cayde-6 and Crow kill the horde of Screebs surround them as Lii'liks rises from the ground now missing part of its face as it roars at the Hunters in rage.
Cayde-6 waves at Lii'liks.

Cayde-6: Hey, ugly!

Cayde-6: Why don't you stand right…

Cayde-6: here!

Cayde runs towards Lii'liks and jumps above the Abomination while Crow kicks a Screeb to up to the room. Upon gaining enough distance, Cayde shoots the Screeb, causing the roof to collapse onto Lii'liks, killing the Abomination once and for all.

Cayde-6: Pretty good idea.

The Crow: Thanks. I have those sometimes.

(Cutscene Ends)

With the Witness's Dark Ether operation foiled, the Guardian returns to camp to celebrate their victory with Cayde-6 and Crow. Upon arriving at camp, they find Crow holding a new Hunter cloak given to him by Cayde-6.

The Crow: I… I don't understand.

Cayde-6: It's a new cloak. If you're going to be the next Hunter Vanguard, you'll need one.

The Crow: The Vanguard Dare…

Cayde-6: …Isn't law. If it was, Uldren would have the position.

Cayde-6: But none of that matters.

Cayde-6: This needs to be your new choice. If you don't want it, or you're not ready, don't do it.

Cayde-6: I wasn't ready, but I did the best I could.

Crow walks further up to Cayde.

The Crow: But you're the Hunter Vanguard.

Cayde-6: Not anymore. Too much paperwork.

Cayde-6: What, you want purpose? This is it, kid. Me, I can't be tied to a desk if I'm gonna find mine.

Cayde-6: Just… think about it. I dare ya.

Crow briefly looks down at the cloak before looking back at Cayde as they exchange a nod.

The Crow: I will.

Cayde-6: Make sure you celebrate, yeah?

Crow transmats away.

Cayde-6: Life's still all about that timing, huh?

Cayde-6: Big fight coming up. Let's get to it.

{End Mission:Wild Card}


Fallen - House of Salvation
Cabal - Shadow Legion
The Dread