Devourer of Tainted Light

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Devourer of Tainted Light
Biographical information


War Beast


Shadow Legion



Combat information


Wild Card


KineticS.png Teeth, Claws, Back Blades


Rapid Movement
Immunity Shield
Summon War Beast
Summon Scorpius
Summon Taken
Summon Dread


The Devourer of Tainted Light is a Cabal War Beast that devoured Dark Ether from Screebs, causing it to become aggressive and brutally murder Shadow Legion troops.


The Devourer of Tainted Light appears shortly after the Guardian inspects the dead Cabal bodies. Its combat mechanics are identical to any other War Beast and it will lead a pack of its kind from a cave. Once it loses a small portion of its health, the Devourer will gain an Immunity Shield and flee into a Cabal shield infested with Taken and defended on the outside by Scorpius's. Upon entering the shield, the Devourer will relinquish its immunity and stay within the shield for protection. The Guardian must enter the shield to slay the Taken and continue dealing damage to the Devourer. As the Devourer loses one third of its health, it will regain its immunity until it retreats into another Cabal shield defended on the outside by Scorpius's, and protected within by Dread, Taken, and War Beasts. When the Guardian damages two thirds of the Devourer's health, the War Beast will retreat into the first Cabal shield it originally fled to at the beginning of the encounter. Once the Devourer of Tainted Light is slain the encounter is complete.