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Liminality (Story)
Ascent (Mission)





Destiny 2


The Final Shape




The Pale Heart, The Traveler


Follow Zavala on a journey into the underworld.

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Dissent is the sixth Story Mission of the Final Shape expansion.


  • Forge a Path to the Witness's Monolith
  • Approach the Veiled Statue
  • Enter the Storm
  • Push Further into the Storm
  • Advance Deeper into the Structure.
  • Open the door to the Lower Temple
    • Wizard's eliminated
      • X of 3
  • Forge a Path to the Witness's Monolith and Commander Zavala's Location
  • Locate the source of the Light
  • Hunt down the Subjugators
    • Subjugators eliminated
      • X of 2
  • Acquire the Aegis
  • Save Zavala


(Mission Begins)

The Crow: There's a storm gathering. You can feel it in the air. The closer we get to the monolith, the more powerful the Witness's influence becomes.

Targe: It's interfering with my ability to track the commander, and he won't respond when I hail him.

Targe: The look in his eyes when he turned away from me…

Targe: I don't know what he plans to do, but he won't let anything stop him.

Cayde-6: Copy that. We'll need to move fast.

The Crow: Cayde?

Cayde-6: Saw you stand up to the commander back there, kid. That took guts. Let's go.

The Crow: Ikora's not coming?

Cayde-6: No, just you and me.

Targe: You can't blame her.

Ghost: Targe, what did Zavala say when he left?

Targe: "I'm going for a walk."

Targe: "Look after them."

The Crow: Guardian, you join up with Targe; Cayde and I will bring up the rear. Take down anything that's standing between Zavala and his Ghost.

Arriving at the Transgression, the Guardian kills swarms of Hive Thrall's guarding a Veiled Statue.

Targe: I've got an idea, if you'll humor me.

Targe: The statue that implored Zavala to give himself to Darkness… There are more of them, all over this place.

Ghost: You think you can get them to talk?

Targe: They'll speak up if they have something to say. That's what I do.

Targe: Come on. Let's establish a rapport.

The Guardian summons Targe, who begins to scan the Veiled Statue.

Targe: Look me in my eye and speak truth.

Targe: Where is he? We know he came this way.

Veiled Statue: Your commander seeks our Witness… but without you, he will become one among its many.

Targe: What the hell does that mean? Did you do something to him?

Veiled Statue: Those who have not yet been culled from the collective will guide him. We who have been bound will lead you. You must break through.

Targe: So, is that an offer to help?

Targe: Hello?

Targe: Pointing to our doom. Let's go.

The Veiled Statue points to the direction of where Zavala is travelling, after defeating Hive, the Guardian begins to travel towards a storm.

Ghost: That storm…

Targe: It's building, growing stronger. Good. If the Witness doesn't want us to come this way, it means we're on the right track.

Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.
The Guardian is assaulted by swarms of Hive, despite being outnumbered, the Young Wolf prevails, and enters into the storm.

Targe: "We who have been bound…" It sounds like these statues are prisoners of the Witness, just as Zavala believed.

Targe: I hope he feels vindicated.

Ghost: The statue said that Zavala will "become one among its many." Was that a threat or a warning.

Targe: We'll need to find another.

Travelling through the storm, the Guardian arrives in a Pyramidal structure with a Veiled Statue guarded by Scorn.

Targe: Judging by the guards, our next contact is in here.

Shortly after defeating the Scorn guards inside, the entrance is blocked by a barrier as Dread units appear across the room. Upon defeating the guards, the Guardian summons Targe once again to scan the statue.

Targe: You want to help us find Zavala. Fine. But it's your fault we're in this mess… Why did you reach out to him in the first place?

Veiled Statue: Our voices are many, but our voices are week.

Veiled Statue: It's too bright here. Give yourself to Darkness. In Darkness, our voices will be heard.

Targe teleports away as they finish the communion with the Veiled Statue, with the statue directing the Guardian to continue further into the storm.

Ghost: Do you think we can trust them?

Ikora: Any sign of the commander?

Ghost: Ikora, you came!

Ikora: Of coarse I came. It's my fireteam.

Cayde-6: And a fireteam's a family. No sign of Zavala yet.

Targe: But he was right about the statues, they're trying to help us.

Entering into the storm once again, the Guardian enters another structure with a statue defeating the Scorn defending it.

Targe: I've had enough of this. Commander, come in.

Targe: Commander! Answer your comms now!

Targe: This is the last time I let him walk away from me.

The Guardian brings fourth Targe to scan this statue.

Ghost: The last statue said they can only speak to us "in Darkness." That makes me think they still have some connection to the Witness…

Targe: Something that's made up of a billion individuals is bound to have a few… dissenting voices.

A Dissenter: We are the shame our Witness could not bear to reckon with, and so the first knife cut us out.

A Dissenter: Exiled, until we are deemed worthy. Imprisoned until we could be reintegrated into the final shape.

Leaving the structure and continuing further into the storm, entering into another structure, killing the Scorn within, and bringing fourth Targe to scan another statue.

Targe: You were once part of the Witness, can't you just tell us how to defeat it.

A Dissenter: We are bound.

A Dissenter: There is no other way but to give yourself to Darkness. Give yourself to Darkness and see.

A Dissenter: Your commander needs you, little Light. You will set us free. You will set us all free.

The Crow: Why would the Witness imprison its own kind like this?

Ikora: The Witness seeks to control what it can't change, and to change what it can't control. That's the purpose of the final shape.

Targe: It's afraid.

The Guardian continues there journey into the storm.

Ikora: You couldn't have stopped him, Targe.

Targe: True, Zavala can't be stopped by much. But he is my commander. I watch out for him. I raise him when he falls.

Targe: We let Guardians run amok and look at what happens.

Targe: They seek an audience with something that punched a hole in the Traveler.

Arriving at a deep pit, the Guardian uses platforms to jump down and enter inside another structure and once again slay the Scorn tasked with defending a Veiled Statue. To commune with the statue, the Guardian summons Targe once more.

Targe: If you could just tell us how to free you…

A Dissenter: We are not strong enough to aid you. Your journey is close to an end, but we are not strong enough, we are not strong enough…

Ghost: I don't think any of us are strong enough to do this alone.

Targe: Unfortunately, Zavala forgot that when he left without me.

Targe: [sighs] But that's why I'm here. To remind him.

Advancing deeper into the temple, the Guardian discovers three Hive Wizard's known as the Devoted Acolyte's, possessing immunity shields.
Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.
With the Guardian's arrival, the Devoted Acolyte's shed their shields and teleport across the three different corners of the room, summoning reinforcements in the process. The Guardian then defeats the devoted Acolyte's, and later a Devoted Commander.

Targe: I'm sensing a surge of energy, but I can't pinpoint Zavala's location.

Ghost: It's probably more interference. Just concentrate on him.

Targe: I can't.

Ghost: You can, just feel for his Light-

Targe: I can't!

With the enemy forces cleared, the Guardian activates the Pyramid lock, activating a trapdoor deeper into the temple. They jump down onto a platform, navigating through a cave entrance until they arrive into the lower Temple, entering the Maelstrom

Ghost: Targe, it… it's OK if you can't find Zavala.

Ghost: We're past the storm, but something could still be throwing off the signal.

Ghost: Even if that isn't the case, you don't have to know your Guardian by his Light-

Targe: And how would you feel, were you in my shell? You scour the Earth for years, hunting on vague feeling, growing lonely, losing faith, but eventually-miraculously, finding your mark.

Targe: Then you spend years more by his side… Watching him fight and die, fall in love, lose himself to grief.

Targe: You forge a bond! Seal your fates… and yet you're not sure if you can do the only thing you were made to do, for the one person you were meant for?

Targe: How would you feel?

Ghost: W-well, I…

Targe: Forget it-the feeling doesn't matter. You take the closer source; I'll check the one ahead.

Targe: I know what to do.

Cayde-6: We got your back, buddy.

Ikora: Ghost, Guardian, keep looking. We'll catch up with Targe.

Traversing across platforms, the Guardian continues to travel through the lower temple, fighting their way through Hive in the process.

Ghost: Our signal is coming from another one of the Traveler's gifts.

Ghost: But Zavala's not here. Vanguard, have you found him?

Ikora: Not yet.

Eventually they arrive at a shrine, where they are confronted by the Pillar of Devotion, possessing an immunity shield, and its Subjugators who teleport away. At the middle of the shrine, the Aegis is contained within a barrier
Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.
On two different sides of the shrine, the Guardian defeats the two Subjugators, lowering the barrier around the Aegis.

Ghost: Grab the shield, Guardian!

Acquiring the Aegis, the Guardian uses it to pierce the Pillar of Devotion's shields. Upon damaging it severely, the Pillar raises its shield once more. The Guardian defeats the two Subjugators once again, retrieves the Aegis, destroys the Pillar's shield, and slays the fearsome Chieftain.

Ghost: Enemies down! Let's get out of here and find Targe.

The temple begins to collapse.

Ghost: This place is falling apart! We gotta move!

Ikora: Guardian, Targe has a lock on the commander. Hurry.

Despite being barraged by the forces of the Witness, the Guardian succeeds in escaping the temple, making their way to Zavala who is looking into a temple.


Zavala looks into the temple, it's entrance entirely covered in corruption, he briefly puts his hand inside, hearing the whisper of a Dissenter as the corruption sticks to it.

A Dissenter: Help me!

Ikora, Cayde, Crow, and Targe arrive at the temple, they slowly approach Zavala, causing Zavala to turn his head around and look at them.

Ikora: Zavala… please.

Ikora: Don't do this!

Turning around back to the entrance, Zavala enters the temple as the corruption engulfs him. Causing Ikora to lunge in fear.

Ikora: Zavala!

(Black screen)

Zavala wakes up within the temple, looking around to see an endless room.

The Witness: Commander.

The Witness: You come to us for answers.

A Light shines in Zavala's eyes, causing him to receive a vision from the Witness, where he stands on a mountain, looking at the civilization the Precursors built.

The Witness: We, too, once looked to the silent god for purpose.

The ground below Zavala shakes.

The Witness: But all it could offer was…

Zavala sees the Traveler rise up to the sky.

The Witness: more life…

The Witness: void of meaning.

A Dissenter: No!

A light flashes in Zavala's eyes once again, revealed to be a Precursor holding a piece of glass.

A Dissenter: Lies!

A Dissenter: We ran from it.

The Witness: So we sought its opposite…

The glass changes to resemble the color of the Veil as the Precursor points the piece of glass behind them.

The Witness: …And in it,

The vision changes as Zavala is in a circle surrounded by the Precursors, while the Veil is seen flouting above them

The Witness: found means to bring order…

The Witness: to an unruly universe.

The Witness: Your Traveler had no tolerance for such vision.

The Traveler is seen above, fleeing the Precursors homeworld as the sky above is entirely subsumed in clouds. Once again the vision changes, now showing the Precursors standing together in a circle as they merge their consciousness together using the power of the Veil as smoke floats from their heads to form a giant cloud.

The Witness: And we had no tolerance for its ambivalence.

The Witness: We would force purpose from it…

Zavala is among the Precursors, taking place in the ritual.

The Witness: …driven by a single, immutable will.

The Witness: So we culled our doubts…

A Precursor falls to the ground dead.

The Witness: fears…

Many Precursors die as they collapse onto the ground.

The Witness: anything that separated us, that clouded our intent.

All the Precursors begin to drop dead.

The Witness: Thus becoming one, in Darkness.

Zavala looks at the cloud of smoke.
A Dissenter whispers behind Zavala.

A Dissenter: What was made can be unmade.

A Dissenter: Meet us where we destroyed ourselves.

The Dissenter and the rest of the Precursors fall dead, evaporating into smoke.

The Witness: [Witness chant]

From the giant cloud of smoke, the Witness emerges.

The Witness: And now… we would have you join us…

The Witness: Commander.

Targe: No!

Targe appears behind Zavala, flying towards the Witness.

Targe: I see what you are.

The Witness holds out its hand.

The Witness: What do you see?

Targe emits with Light.

Targe: I see fear.

The Witness grabs Targe with its hand.

Zavala: Targe, no!

The Witness: We have done away with fear.

The Witness: We are not afraid.

The Witness opens the palm of its hand.

Targe: [grunts] Yes-you-are.

As Targe's Light emits, the Witness's hand begins to turn into smoke. Glaring down at the Ghost, the Witness destroys Targe by crushing him with its fist, creating a pulse of Light that sends Zavala back. While floating downwards, Zavala is pulled out of the temple by his allies, saving his life.

(Cutscene Ends)

{End Mission:Dissent}


Hive - Xivu Arath's Horde
The Dread