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Destiny 2


The Final Shape




The Pale Heart, The Traveler


Journey across the Pale Heart in search of Commander Zavala

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Requiem is the fourth Story Mission of the Final Shape expansion.


  • Search for Zavala
  • Defeat the Warder
  • Approach the Statue
  • Defeat All Combatants
  • Clear the Area
  • Destroy the Splinter
  • Defeat the Warders
    • Warders defeated
      • X of 2
  • Locate the Correct Glyphs
    • Glyphs nullified
      • X of 2
  • Repel the Fallen Army
  • Focus fire on the Pillar!
  • Return to Zavala


(Mission Begins)

Cayde-6: So which one of us gets to play commander 'til we find Zavala?

Ikora: I'd like to see you try, but the Guardian will take point.

The Guardian begins their search for Zavala, following the bird until they defeat House Salvation forces guarding Pyramid statues blocked by a barrier.

Ghost: House Salvation. Do they really believe this much in the Witness's plan?

Ikora: The Witness is offering them exactly what they want: an end to suffering.

Ikora: That seal is Pyramid technology. The Witness's forces are likely nearby.

Ghost: Let's see if we can get the jump on them. Maybe they have a key.

As the Guardian destroys a Pyramid spike, further House Salvation forces arrive to confront them. Upon defeating a Resonant Warder, the correct glyph is revealed, the Guardian nullify it’s, bringing down the barrier and sending Ghost to inspect it.

Veiled Statue: [sobs unintelligibly]

Ikora: That statue…

Ghost: We've seen these before.

Ghost: On the Moon. Europa. The Black Garden.

Ghost: It shouldn't be here.

Cayde-6: Not to change the subject, but I've finally got a Vanguard signal. You're welcome.

Ikora: Zavala needs to be our priority. Pass the telemetry through.

Continuing their search, the Guardian arrives at a mountain with a closed gate, shooting a splinter and defeating hordes a Resonant Warder, revealing Glyphs and causing Dread units to appear. Upon defeating the Dread, they step on the correct Glyph to open the mountain's entrance.

Ghost: The Traveler used its Light to terraform planets, to seed life… while the Witness uses it to reshape this world in its own image.

Cayde-6: Hey, did Zavala have anything nice to say about me at my funeral? He always gave the best eulogies.

Ikora: No, not a word.

Cayde-6: Seriously?

Ikora: He wasn't there-wouldn't come out of his office.

Cayde-6: Ah. I get it. Sometimes grief's a… locked door.

The Witness: [whispers]

The Witness: Not grief. Shame.

The Guardian arrives at the Seclusion inhabited by the Dread. After defeating them and destroying the splinter, the Guardian is ambushed by House of Salvation troops as traps appear around the room.
Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.

Ghost: House Salvation, again, right on top of us!

Cayde-6: Go get 'em.

Upon defeating two Resonant Warder to reveal the Glyphs and slaying an Imprint of Nezarec. The Guardian interacts with the correct glyphs to bring down the barrier to advance further into the cave, entering into a gateway of glass and eventually discovering a cavern with a statue of Zavala partially buried in the ground covered in branches, as Veiled Statues face towards him.

The Witness: [whispers]

The Witness: You look to your commander for leadership. But he is made fragile by his doubts.

The Witness: Push him to fight the inevitable… and he will break.

The Witness: Let us lift the weight of suffering from his shoulders.

The Guardian travels further through the tunnels into the arrive at a cavern with many gravestones, including a grave with a dark blanket covered over it.

The Witness: [whispers]

The Witness: Zavala cultivates a life in the shape of loss. Costs rendered in service to your Traveler.

The Witness: His reward is silence. His God has nothing to give.

Continuing to travel through the tunnels, the Guardian arrives at a tunnel with a room where a statue of Zavala is seen pointing his gun at his Ghost.

The Witness: [whispers]

The Witness: When the Fallen took his son's life… the Traveler would not return it.

The Witness: But we can. With its Light, we can do anything. And we ask for nothing in exchange.

Targe: He said no.

The Witness: Ah. At last, his Ghost speaks.

Ghost: Targe?

Targe: You need to leave; it's not safe.

Leaving the cavern, the Guardian finally arrives outside, discovering a memory of the home where Zavala and his family lived, as smoke resembling the many faces of the Witness coming out of the chimney.

Ikora: Guardian, do you read us?

Ikora: I'm en route. Give Targe all the help you can.

Ikora: This is where he lived with his wife and son, isn't it?

Targe: We were defending it from the Fallen.

Targe: The Witness wants to wear him down to nothing, but he's still standing strong-too stubborn to retreat.

Between two rocks lies Hakim's grave as Zavala as seen standing near it.
Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.
Forces of House Salvation arrive and engage with the Guardian.

Zavala: The Fallen will not defile my family's memory.

Zavala: Guardian, honor them with me. Defend my homestead.

Zavala creates a shield at the front of his son's grave as he prepares to defend the memory of Haim's resting place. After defeating the first wave of enemies, three large Pyramid spikes appear at the west of Zavala's home as the Pillar of Stillness appears. Upon damaging it severely, the Pillar becomes briefly until it lands towards the right of Zavala's home. As the Guardian continues to damage it, the Pillar becomes immune and summons the Tenet of Stillness. After defeating the first Tenet, the Pillar shield is brought down, causing it to return to the left of the home and summon Dread reinforcements, including another Tenet of Stillness to its aid. However despite its barrage of weapons, the Pillar is destroyed by the Guardian.

Ghost: I think that's the last of them.

Targe: There are always more.

Zavala brings down his shield as he stands up.

Zavala: Guardian… thank you.

Zavala: Just… just give me a moment. [gasps]

Zavala: I need to say goodbye.


Zavala sits in a chair within his home.

Zavala: I used to think… I'd give anything to bring you back.

Zavala looks directly at the statue of Safiyah

Zavala: But when the Witness offered an eternity here with you… with our son…

Zavala: I know you understand why I refused.

Zavala: There are people who… still need me.

After waiting for a few seconds, Zavala speaks.

Zavala: Soon. Safi… I'm sorry.

Zavala grasps Safiyah's hand as he looks at her. However Zavala is horrified to see it transform between Safiyah and a Veiled Statue

Unknown Voice: Hhh… me…

Unknown Voice: [pleading whimper]

Zavala relinquishes his hand from the statue as it returns to normal.

Zavala: [inhales in fear]

Zavala: [inhales frantically]

Ikora puts her hand on Zavala, bringing him back to reality as he turns around to see her and Targe.

Targe: Eyes up, Commander.

Ikora: It's a lie. The Witness shows us what it thinks we want.

Zavala lifts his face, opening his eyes to look at Ikora.

Zavala: And what has the Traveler shown me?

Ikora: [sighs] We should go.

Zavala stands up from the chair as he walks towards the door with Ikora gently shutting the door behind him. Turning around, he takes one last look at Safiyah with Targe.

Targe: I know. I loved them too.

Opening the door, Zavala leaves his home one final time with Targe also leaving shortly after as the door closes, as the statue of Safiyah is engulfed in shadow.

(Cutscene Ends)

{End Mission:Requiem}


Fallen - House of Salvation
The Dread