Mission: Mesmerize

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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Mission: Meteoric



Mission: Mesmerize
Mission- Mesmerize.jpg


Episode: Echoes




The Cistern, Nessus


Pursue a missing Saint-14 into the Well of Flames to learn more of the rising Vex threat

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Mission: Mesmerize is the second mission of Episode: Echoes.


  • Breach the Well of Flame
  • Defeat Lydrion, Symphonic Mind
  • Delve into the Well of Flame
  • Upload Data
    • X of 3
  • Defeat the Trio of Cyclopes
    • X of 3
  • Reach Saint-14


"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
The following is a verbatim transcription of an official document for archival reasons. As the original content is transcribed word-for-word, any possible discrepancies and/or errors are included.

Ikora: Thank you for looking into this, Guardian. It's unlike Saint to go AWOL.

Ikora: I left Osiris in the HELM, against his objections. Nessus is undergoing a rapid metamorphosis…

Ikora: And until we understand the nature of its evolution, I'm not risking any Lightless personnel.

Ikora: Guardian, I'm… concerned. Saint is one of the Vex's oldest enemies. They hold him in… esteem, if that makes sense.

Ikora: If they capture him, it won't be to kill him. It'll go deeper than that… Let's hope it's nothing.

Ikora: I'll be your eye in the sky for this op, and Failsafe will be tech on the ground. Good luck.

(Mission Begins)

Failsafe (Depressed): These are the Saint-unit's last known coordinates. He was headed directly into the Well of Flame.

Ikora: The radiolaria has been drained from this basin.

Ikora: But there's no evidence of a fight. Did the Vex just… let him pass?

Failsafe (Cheery): The Saint-unit may have entered peacefully, but it appears that the Captain will meet violent resistance.

Failsafe (Depressed): Aah, I love this part…

The Guardian engages with Vex forces led by Lydrion, Symphonic Mind. Astonishingly, after being damaged by the Young Wolf, Lydrion and its forces retreat further away.

Ikora: Guardian, the Vex are peeling back. Retreating under suppressing fire.

Ikora: Those are infantry tactics we normally see from the Cabal or Fallen.

Failsafe (Depressed): Or Guardians.

Ikora: Something in their strategic doctrine must have changed.

Ikora: We need to get to Saint right away.

As the Guardian continues to damage Lydrion, they force the Vex mind to retreat to the entrance into the Well of Flame. Upon receiving further damage, Lydrion teleports away and retreats into the Well, lowering the barrier blocking the entrance in the process. To pursue Lydrion and rescue Saint-14, the Guardian enters into the Well of Flame.

Failsafe (Cheery): I have isolated the Saint-unit's comms.

Saint-14: But if I am not the real Saint, then… who am I?

Ikora: Saint! Come in. Where are you?

Saint-14: … just an error, compounding into the future…

Failsafe (Cheery): The Saint-unit cannot hear us. He appears to be engaged with a local signal.

Ikora: A local signal? This is bringing back bad memories of Lakshmi-2 and the Endless Night.

Ikora: I pray to the Traveler I'm wrong.

Delving into the Well of Flame, the Guardian enters into a Vex portal to take them deeper into the well to eventually arrive into a room.
Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.

Saint-14: … diverging from the true path. Corrupting our timeline…

Failsafe (Cheerful): The Saint-unit's transmission is originating from behind that barrier.

Ikora: Get us in there, Failsafe. Whatever it takes.

Failsafe (Depressed): I can bypass security with the data we collected from across Nessus…

Failsafe (Cheery): But the Vex will be absolutely homicidal about it. Please keep them back when I work.

Destroying an Overseer Minotaur defending a Vex platform, the Guardian then stands within the platform to bypass the first Data port.

Saint-14: … finally time to reclaim what was lost…

Saint-14: … time to return us to our rightful future…

The Guardian bypasses the second Data port, destroying an Overseer Minotaur along with multiple Choral Wyverns in the process.

Saint-14: … unified in a symphony of consciousness…

Saint-14: … by a benevolent conductor…

Saint-14: No divisions. No imperfections. A new age is coming…

Destroying another Overseen Minotaur, the Guardian bypasses the final Data port while defeating hordes of Harpies and a Hydra. With all of the Data ports breached, Lydrion re-emerges within the middle.

Ikora: Its the retreating Vex from earlier! This must be their final fallback position. Break through, Guardian.

As Lydrion receives further damage, it becomes Immune and stands still within the middle, summoning three Cyclopes around the room in the process. Destroying the Cyclopes, the Guardian disables Lydrion's Immunity and defeats the Vex Mind.

Failsafe (Cheery): Security protocols successfully bypassed. I am becoming indispensable !

With Lydrion's defeat, the trapdoor within the middle begins to open, leading directly down into a Vex portal. Entering into the portal, the Guardian walks down a short hallway to find Saint-14 standing within a Ward of Dawn, while Vex units kneel around it before teleporting away as a response to the Guardian's arrival.

Saint-14: I was never meant to be here. This reality, belongs to the real Saint.

Ikora transmats to the Guardian's location.

Saint-14: The real Saint is dead… I am only his imitation.

Ikora: Saint, can you here me?

Saint-14 dispels the Dawn of Ward while turning his back to Ikora, revealing he is wearing the same silica-colored collar as the Vex and his helmet now radiates with a cyan colour rather than purple.

Saint-14: I-I am not a person. Just a copy of a copy of a copy.

Ikora: Who's he talking to?

Saint-14: A new Golden Age is coming. Free from falsities… like me.

Ikora: Come on, big guy. Snap out of it. Osiris is waiting.

Saint-14: Osiris…

Saint-14: Osiris!

Saint-14 destroys the collar around his neck, breaking free from the Conductor’s control and turns around to look directly at Ikora.

Saint-14: I-Ikora? Guardian?

Ikora: I've got you, Saint. Don't worry.

Ikora: Thank you, Guardian.

With the rescue mission complete, both Ikora and Saint-14 transmat away.

{End Mission:Mesmerize}


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