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Parting the Veil



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Destiny 2


The Final Shape




The Pale Heart, The Traveler


Cross the threshold and discover what lies within the Traveler

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Transmigration is the first Story Mission of the Final Shape expansion. After Zavala’s initiation of Operation Ahamkara, The Guardian ventures towards the Traveler in order to pass through the portal left by The Witness and rendezvous with Crow within The Pale Heart.


  • Pass Beyond the Threshold
  • Activate the Well
  • Acquire the Light
  • Convert the Well to Light
  • Cross the Platforms
  • Evade the Witness's Forces
  • Come and See
  • Explore
  • Clear the Obstacle
    • Obstacles Cleared
      • X of 2
  • Transcend
  • Defeat the Bond with Transcendence
  • Investigate the Prismatic Conflux
  • Find the Vanguard Transponder
  • Eliminate All Combatants
  • Open the Chest



The Guardian flies towards the portal to the Pale Heart, dodging the many obstacles in their way. Despite their skills as a pilot, they are unable to avoid the obstacles in their way as their ship is damaged, forcing them to abandon their vessel and transport themselves to a platform on the Threshold.

(Cutscene Ends)

(Mission Begins)

Queen Mara Sov: We have no signal on either Vanguard leader! The Guardian's comm line is open, but nonresponsive!

Ghost: Mara, we're here! We crashed, but… we're here. What is this place?

Queen Mara Sov: The Traveler contains many more multitudes than you or I could ever comprehend.

Queen Mara Sov: You are yet in the threshold. Whatever lies between you and the Traveler's Pale Heart is a side effect of the Witness's paracausal mutilations.

Queen Mara Sov: I can feel its power stretching through the portal… I will try to buy us time. Go!

The Guardian traverses across the many platforms in the Threshold, each representing a location of their past. Eventually they discovering a well of Darkness guarded by hordes of Taken.

Ghost: Taken. The Witness must be using them to search for us.

After approaching the well and engaging with the Taken, a seed of Darkness appears. The Guardian then shoots it, revealing a non physical pathway they imagined.

Ghost: Ah! The Darkness unraveled and it's… projecting something. An overlay of possibilities.

Ghost: We have Taken incoming! But I'm picking up something strange with them, a concentrated source of Light.

The Guardian defeats incoming Taken forces led by the Will-Crushed Centurion, receiving an icon of Light in the process.

Ghost: Aha! We're imbued with extra Light now. Let's try activating that concentration of Darkness again!

Interacting with the well of Darkness, the Guardian makes the pathway physical.

Ghost: It worked! The Light structures made the imagined structures solid- made them real!

Traversing across the pathway, the Guardian eventually arrives at a platform with the church from the European Dead Zone. They destroy the three Darkness spikes to bring down the barrier blocking the way inside.

Ghost: Scans are inconclusive. I'm getting conflicting readings on age and material composition.

Shortly after leaving the church, the Guardian is ambushed by Attendants, reshaped Psion’s wielding the power of Strand.

Ghost: Guardian… I'm not sure what that creature is.

Ghost: It reads like a Psion, but its genetics are scrambled… changed.

Queen Mara Sov: Agents of the Black Fleet. Nezarec, Rhulk, even Calus- they were just the beginning.

The Guardian continues to fight their way through the Weavers while crossing the platforms. Eventually they climb up to a building and enter inside after bringing down the barrier by destroying the three Darkness spikes.
Darkness Zone. Respawning Restircted.
Shortly after entering, the Guardian is attacked by Taken guarding another Well of Darkness. Interacting with the seed, the Guardian images another pathway forward. They then defeat a Will-Crushed Centurion to retrieve an icon of Light. When a forcefield blocking the well appears, the Guardian destroys three Darkness spikes to bring it down and interacts with the seed to make the path real. They traverse the pathway as they get closer to the portal into the Pale Heart

Queen Mara Sov: You-you have to keep moving. I have not been able to reach the Vanguard; even my bond with my brother is faint.

Ghost: We'll find the others. We have to.

Upon arriving to a platform with Pyramid architecture, the Guardian engages with swarms of Taken, however some of them possess Prismatic shielding, making them immune to the Guardian's attacks.

Ghost: Guardian, I don't think we can win this fight!

Understanding they couldn't win this battle, the Guardian flees their onslaught with the Witness's forces.

Queen Mara Sov: [inhales in pain] The Witness is… pushing back against me. Trying to exert its will over-over everything.

Queen Mara Sov: I will hold the portal open as long as I can! The fate of all things rests on you.

Queen Mara Sov: Guardian… hurry.

Upon approaching another platform with a well of Darkness, the Guardian kills the Taken led by Yateth, Taken Stain to image a path. They slay another Will-Crushed Centurion to claim a icon of Light, however upon receiving the icon, a forcefield is created around the well and further Taken lead by the Will-Chrushed Knight appear. Defeating the Taken and destroying the three Darkness spikes, the Guardian brings forth the pathway.

Queen Mara Sov: When you find my brother, tell him the allied Coalition will protect the city in the Vanguard's stead.

Queen Mara Sov: Tell him that we will join him as soon as we are able.

Queen Mara Sov: Tell him… tell him that I…

Ghost: He knows.

The Guardian continues their journey across the Threshold as they get closer to the portal of the Pale Heart.

The Witness: [whispers]

The Witness: You cling so desperately to your pain and your failures. You have lost. Let go.

Queen Mara Sov: [gasps] It sees us! It sees us! I cannot hold this any longer!

As Prismatic Taken appear once again to confront the Guardian. With little time left and being unable to harm them, the Guardian is once again forced to retreat, following a bird of Light directing them to the portal.

Queen Mara Sov: There are unfathomable powers coursing through your opponent, this is not a fight you can win!

Queen Mara Sov: Guardian, go… go…

Despite their limited time and the enemy fire coming form the Taken, the Guardian arrives at the tractor beam, taking them into the Pale Heart as a bright light flashes before their eyes.


Within what appears to be a pale sky, a white bird flies across eventually this endless white abyss fades away as the bird flies across the Traveler, with the Light coming off its wings giving birth to the Ghosts. The vision then cuts to the Traveler floating above the devastated Earth, with fire across the lands, before changing to an astronaut on Mars seeing the rain brought by the Traveler. As the astronaut stretches out his hand to feel the rain, the vision changes to a water droplet falling off a white leaf or feather and hitting the ground. The vision switches to a Sun being destroyed and then a closeup of someone's eye as they gasp. Next it shows the Witness's corruption latch onto a feather in the grass as it consumes it envelopes it entirely, before showing it engulfing the bird as the Traveler is slowly covered in shadow. The vision switches to a Ghost being quickly unharmed damaged, and then unharmed again and to the Witness's hateful face as its corruption spreads across a tree within this white abyss and as the Traveler continues to be covered in shadow. It cuts to a variety of sequences such as a destroyed Ghost, an astronaut wielding fire, Zavala's pauldron consumed by corruption, the astronaut wielding stasis, the bird struggling against the corruption, the destroyed Ace of Spades, the astronaut wielding strand and void before transcending. As the corruption spreads further, the Traveler sends out an outburst of Light.

(Cutscene Ends)

The Guardian wakes up on a platform above of an abyss of Light.

Ghost: Are we… alive? Is this… this is… [small, shaky breath]

Ghost: Guardian. That vision… I think we're inside the Traveler.

Following the bird of Light once again, the Guardian traverses across platforms generated by drops. Eventually they arrive to a tree of Darkness and continue their journey until they enter a cave. After exiting the cave, the Guardian arrives at the Lost City, Outskirts within the Pale Heart.

Ghost: We've crossed the threshold. This is it. We're really here.

The bird of Light begins to directs the Guardian further into the Lost City.

Ghost: M-Mara?

Ghost: I can't pick up anything. No comms signals from Sol.

Ghost: Zavala? Ikora? Do you read us?

Ghost: Nothing… We're alone.

Ghost: I… I can feel the Light here. It's everywhere. The grass, the air.

Ghost: It's not what I expected the heart of the Traveler would be like, but it's… beautiful, isn't it? And so familiar.

The Guardian arrives into a building within the Lost City.

Ghost: This is City architecture.

Continuing their search into the city, the Guardian encounters swarms of Grim's.

Ghost: Servants of the Witness! They must be remnants from a conquered species!

After defeating Grim's, the Guardian arrives at another building with its entrance blocked by a barrier. They defeat a Harvester of Light to receive an icon of Darkness and use it to bring down the barrier. Upon entering inside they uncover a wellspring of colliding Light and Darkness.

Ghost: There! Light and Dark are colliding nearby, forming a wellspring. We can use it!

Using this wellspring of paracausality, the Guardian transcends, allowing them to briefly wield the powers of Light and Dark in tandem. With this newfound power, the Guardian is able to break the Transcendent shields protecting the Bound Taken.

Ghost: Your power tour right through their defences!

Upon defeating the Taken, the Guardian continues to explore the city.

Ghost: I know this street… I know that shop.

Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted
The Guardian is ambushed by the forces of the Witness once again, stepping upon the Wellsprings to use the power of Transcendence, they defeat two Harvesters of Light to retrieve icons of Darkness. They then defeat the Icon of Finality and use the icons of Darkness to bring the barrier down. Upon entering inside, it is revealed to be identical to the old Vanguard command center before the Red War, with a Prismatic Conflux.

Ghost: This was the old Vanguard command center. But it's changed. Light and Dark are welling up here, more than I've ever felt before.

Ghost: It feels like-like you could reach out and pull all that power to you. Control it.

Ghost: Could you?

Interacting with the Prismatic Conflux, the Guardian levitates into the air as Light and Darkness energy flow through them. As the energies merge together, the Guardian gains the power of Prismatic, allowing them to wield Light and Darkness together.

Ghost: The line between Light and Dark is-it's gone. It's gone! Guardian, you've-you've fused Light and Dark into harmony. How?

Ghost: We… we can use this. We're stronger than we've ever been. We can use this! Let's go. The transponder signal isn't far.

Following the transponder signal, the Guardian arrives at the old tower

Ghost: The signal's coming from… here…

Ghost: Wait, there's something-Guardian, watch out!

Shortly after defeating Taken, a tornado-like projection of the Witness appears.
Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted.
Forces of the Witness led by Vrihn, Subjugator of Gardens appear. Despite its strength, the Guardian succeeds in slaying the Subjugator.

Ghost: That… that was intense. I think I… I need a minute.

An outburst of Light is sent out, shaking the Pale Heart.

Ghost: [grunts sharply]

Ghost: The Traveler… It's hurting. I can… feel… I feel its…


The Guardian catches Ghost as he falls to the ground.

Ghost: Thanks.

Ghost: So, what's next? We're outmatched we're alone, and- [distant music plays]

Ghost: And, what is that noise?

The Guardian: It's coming from over there.

Following the sound of the music, the Guardian finds Cayde-6 with his back turns playing "The Man They Called Cayde." Remaining cautious, the Guardian slowly sneaks over to Cayde.

Cayde-6: You gotta get better boots, Crow. I could hear you coming a mile away.

Cayde-6: Now, Uldren? [laughs] HE could sneak up on a fella.

Cayde-6: You're not Crow-

Quickly turning around Cayde throws a his instrument at the Guardian and draws his weapon, only for them to catch it. Recognizing the Guardian, Cayde lowers his weapon.

Cayde-6: Well, I'll be damned.

The Guardian: Cayde! How long has it been?

Cayde-6: A lifetime.

Cayde puts his gun into his pouch.

Cayde-6: The kid told me a few guns were on their way. Said the Vanguard would send their best.

The Guardian throws Cayde back his instrument.

Cayde-6: It's real good to see you two. I finally have someone to talk to about Crow's stupid haircut.

Cayde-6: C'mon. I'm guessing you have questions. And I won't say I have answers… but let's talk.

Cayde walks up a flight of stairs

Ghost: I like Crow's haircut.

The Guardian and Ghost walk up the stairs to follow Cayde.

(Cutscene Ends


Cayde stands at a campfire.

Cayde-6: Huh… where to even start.

Cayde-6: I died. You… probably remember that.

Cayde-6: Not great, partly my fault. Lesson learned. Let's not dwell.

Cayde is seen falling down an endless abyss.

Cayde-6: And after that?

Cayde-6: Nothing.

Cayde-6: But not a bad nothing…

Cayde-6: A peaceful nothing.

Sundance manifests as she is seen watching Cayde

Cayde-6: And I felt her there too. My Ghost, Sundance. She was…

Cayde-6: part of me, or…

Cayde-6: I was part of her.

Cayde-6: Like we were two cards shuffled back into our deck. Whole again.

Cayde-6: And then there was… well, there was…

Cayde-6: Pain.

Cayde is seen being chased by a creature which grabs him

Cayde-6: Separation. Something pulling me out.

Laying on the ground, Cayde wakes up within the Pale Heart

Cayde-6: I woke up here in this body. Alone. No Ghost, no way to use the Light.

Cayde gets up and looks at the monolith in the distance.

Cayde-6: And what could make this traumatic experience better

Cayde hides behind a rock as he prepares to ambush Crow

Cayde-6: than finding my killer waiting for me?

Cayde-6: But we talked it out because we're adults.

Cayde stands above Crow as they both have their guns pointed at each other.

Cayde-6: He seems nicer these days. Yeah, pretty low bar, I'll admit.

Both Cayde and Crow lower their guns as they look at the forces of the Dread.

Cayde-6: Because we got bigger problems. Bigger, weirder problems.

Cayde helps Crow up as they clench hands.

Cayde-6: Crow said this was all inside the Traveler but… I already knew.

The cutscene shows the different structure within the Pale Heart

Cayde-6: It's in pain.

Cayde-6: Pain… I can feel.

The monolith appears.

Cayde-6: Somebody's up in the monolith with their hand on a knife.

The Witness is seen standing at the top of the monolith.

Cayde-6: Crow calls it the Witness.

Cayde-6: And what it's doing out here has a name too.

Cayde-6: The final shape.

Hundreds of people calcified are seen when looking into the Witness's left eye.

Cayde-6: It's the end of everything.

Cayde is seen looking at the monolith in the distance.

Cayde-6: So I figure…

Cayde-6: …might as well try to stop it.

(Cutscene Ends)

{End Mission:Transmigration}


The Dread