Will-Crushed Centurion

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Will-Crushed Centurion
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Biographical information




Major (Legendary)


Taken Centurion

Combat information




ArcS.png Absorption Shield
VoidS.png Axion Dart
High Durability
Rapid Movement
KineticS.png Cabal Melee


Will-Chrushed Centurions are a variant of Taken Centurions encountered within Transmigration.


The Will-Crushed Centurions are encountered by the Guardian guarding the founts of Darkness within the Threshold. It fights just like any other Taken Centurion of its kind and will drop an icon of Light upon being killed, allowing them to interact with the seed at the middle of the fount to bring forth a pathway.

To create the first platform to traverse across the Threshold, the Guardian must interact with the seed on the fount of Darkness to create the pathway. They must then kill the Centurion to retrieve an icon of Light, and then interact with the seed once again to make the pathway physical.

When the Guardian discovers the second fount within a floating building, they must slay the Taken to reveal the seed. Upon interacting with the seed, the fount will be covered by a resonance barrier, and further Taken will appear. As they defeat the Centurion and retrieve the icon, three spikes of Darkness will appear across the room. Destroying the spikes and the remaining enemies will bring down the barrier and allow them to manifest the new pathway.

At the third fount, the Guardian must once again interact with a seed to imagine the pathway and bring forth the Centurion. However, unlike the previous Centurions, this one possesses an immunity shield maintained by Taken Shield Offerings. Slaying them will lower the Centurion's shield, allowing them to kill it. Upon retrieving the icon, the Guardian must slay the Taken led by the Will-Crushed Knight, destroy the three spikes to lower the barrier, and manifest the third and final pathway.