Parting the Veil (Mission)

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This article is about the quest step only. For the complete Quest, see Parting the Veil (quest).


What Remains (Story Mission)
Parting the Veil (Quest step)

Parting the Veil
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Destiny 2: Season of the Deep






Neomuna, Neptune


Uncover the Ishtar Collective's research of the Veil.

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Parting the Veil is a Mission of the Lightfall expansion, and a post-campaign mission made available during Season of the Deep.[1] It is also the fourth step in the quest of the same name.


  • Enter the Irkalla Complex.
  • Decipher the Research Data.
  • Reach the Veil.
  • Defeat the Tormentor


"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
The following is a verbatim transcription of an official document for archival reasons. As the original content is transcribed word-for-word, any possible discrepancies and/or errors are included.

The Guardian enters Irkalla Complex.

  • NIMBUS: You know, ever since we defeated Calus, I've been wondering a lot more about the Veil. I think... I think we take it for granted. It's always been here. We always assumed that the Ishtar Collective brought it with them on the Exodus ship, but...
  • OSIRIS: But now you question that assumption.
  • NIMBUS: Nezarec seemed to know something, didn't he? When we were inside the Vex network, he said something about... Savathûn.
  • OSIRIS: My memories cast shadows of Savathûn's. Echoes of the time she and I were bound by her dark magic. The more time we spend here, the clearer the outline of those shadows become. The Ishtar Collective didn't bring the Veil here, Nimbus. Savathûn stole it from the Witness and left it here... quite possibly for the Ishtar Collective to find.
  • NIMBUS: Why? Why would she do that? Isn't she our enemy?
  • OSIRIS: She is. And yet, at times, she is our ally... when it is convenient to her, and in that convenience, we find common ground. or as a friend once said, the line between Light and Dark... is very thin.
  • NIMBUS: [grunts] I kinda hate that.
  • OSIRIS: As do I.

The Guardian enters Veil Containment as they pass through an Ishtar Collective laboratory.

The Guardian finds a working terminal in the Veil observation room.

  • Osiris: Excellent. That terminal is functional. I've sent a data-mining application to your Ghost. Upload it, and let's see what we can find.

Ghost decrypts the archive.

  • CHIOMA ESI: Chioma Esi, personal log: incidental. Maya arrived yesterday with the Exodus Indigo. I should be relieved, but... in light of the current situation, I... I don't feel much of anything. We're presently en route from Hyperion to the terraformed surface of Neptune. I'm scared. I'm so scared! We don't even know what we've lost. Comms are dead. It's just silence everywhere. We might be all that's left. Maya was right about everything. The cult, the end... how we'll survive. [sighs] I hate this.
  • NIMBUS: Chioma Esi was one of the founders of Neomuna. There's a part of the city named after her! This is... like hearing a legend.
  • OSIRIS: I knew of Chioma Esi and her wife, Maya Sundaresh. They were Ishtar Collective researchers on Venus during the Golden Age.
  • NIMBUS: Is this all there is? The one log?
  • OSIRIS: No — there's an entire archive here. It could be the key to unraveling the mystery of the Veil.

Taken appear below the Veil.

  • NIMBUS: Not to cut this short, but we've got incoming! There's Taken popping up all over the courtyard and — Tormentor! There's a Tormentor heading into the facility!
  • OSIRIS: Guardian, neutralize the Tormentor! We can't lose this data!

As the Guardian engages the Tormentor, tendrils from the Veil surround the arena. The Guardian defeats the Imprint of Nezarec.

  • NIMBUS: Exterior's all clear. How you doing down there?
  • OSIRIS: The Tormentor is defeated, and the area is secure. However, the remainder of Dr. Esi's logs are encrypted. She's using an adaptive Vex algorithm to protect them. It will take me several days to break through. Whatever this is, it must be valuable. Guardian, I recommend you check back here later to see what we've uncovered.

At the Hall of Heroes, the Guardian meditates at the Pouka Pond, receives the Epochal Integration Hand Cannon, and unlocks additional Strand aspects.

Post-Mission Transcript[edit]

The Guardian leaves Strider's Gate and receives a transmission from Osiris and Nimbus.

  • OSIRIS: Thank you for assisting me in this fact-finding mission, Guardian. There is much to uncover about the Veil, and your work here is indispensable.
  • NIMBUS: I got you on overwatch. Heh, let's get to work!




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