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Hall of Heroes


Neomuna, Neptune

Connecting areas:

Striders' Gate


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"Welcome, Neomuna, to the Hall of Heroes, where history lives in you."
Quinn Laghari

The Hall of Heroes is a player space located within Neomuna and serves as a hub for The Guardian during the Lightfall Campaign. It can be found near Striders' Gate by walking through the entrance of the Hall. Players can fast travel to The Hall of Heroes after reaching rank 11 with Nimbus.


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During the Campaign[edit]

The Hall of Heroes serves as the main base of operations for the Guardian throughout their adventures on Neomuna. After completing certain missions, optional dialogue can be accessed by interacting with any of the characters present within the hall. Additionally, there are optional radio messages the player can listen to. During the campaign, you can find Rohan, Osiris, and Empress Caiatl here.

At the end of the Lightfall campaign, the player will be able to unlock Strand for themselves by meditating by the Pouka Pond.

After the Campaign[edit]

After the campaign is over, the back wall of the Hall of Heroes opens up and reveals dozens of memorials to fallen Cloud Striders and players will unlock the quest "Welcome to the Hall of Heroes." The quest encourages players to explore the new area and learn about the history of Neomuna and the Cloud Striders. It is here you can find Quinn Laghari, the caretaker of the Hall of Heroes. She will offer the player a quest-line that sees them repairing the monuments to five important Cloud Striders and acquiring the Exotic Glaive, "Winterbite".

Points of Interest[edit]

Pouka Pond[edit]

At the Pouka Pond, the player can meditate and relax. It is here that players can unlock new Grenades and Fragments for Strand and acquire the Exotic Sidearm, "Final Warning".

Quinn Laghari[edit]

The caretaker of the Hall of Heroes can be accessed from a kiosk near the memorials.


Players can listen into Jisu Calerondo, Neomuna Civil News, and other conversations had between NPCs by a kiosk nearby Rohan. New radio announcements from Jisu are available after completing certain objectives like completing a story mission.

Osiris's Notes[edit]

Once the campaign is over, Osiris will leave his spot in the Hall of Heroes. Players can find five small containers around his area containing a small amount of Arc, Solar, Void, Stasis, and Strand energy. By interacting with these containers, the player can listen to Osiris's thoughts on what each element does and represents.


"Solar requires us to both exploit and rely on the power of our sun. But to master it is to understand the star's duality. The nuclear force that scorches anything foolish enough to draw near... is the same force we harness to heal. It feeds the flora of our galaxy, just as it begets drought and famine. Destruction and re-creation are a necessary cycle." - Osiris on Solar.

"Stasis is the element of will and control. It slows, detains, and shatters. It was our first step into Darkness, and taught us the universe was not as black and white as it first seemed. Elsie Bray and Eris Morn have slightly different interpretations of how one masters this element. Fitting, as Stasis thrives on individual will, but merging their thoughts gives me this... Control over the self can foster control over others, but without power over the self, destruction runs wild. When we wield Stasis, we must exercise the ultimate authority over both self and others." - Osiris on Stasis.

"Arc is the element of motion and conduction, and is created when the electromagnetic forces of our universe struggles to achieve balance. According to Ikora, Arc teaches us that change is a fundamental aspect of the universe. 'To wield it is to ride the storm of the unguessable." - Osiris on Arc.

"Void is the element of cosmic distortion. It is the pull of gravity and the promise of entropy. The vacuum of space, and the gravitational forces that shape it, teach us emptiness is not nothingness. In Ikora's words, 'To wield Void is to draw strength from both the immeasurably small and the unfathomably massive.' With it, we bend the very fabric of space-time."- Osiris on Void.

"Strand is our newest foray into Darkness. As I understand it now, it is the elemental manifestation of psychic connection. All minds are connected in a web of consciousness which we can now see and feel. To wield Strand is pull on the hidden connecting threads, and use them to create, manipulate, and unravel. I had assumed this element would behave similar to our other Darkness ability. But unlike Stasis, mastering Strand seems to require one to relinquish control. To embrace the connecting threads, and perhaps flow WITH them." - Osiris on Strand.


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