Quinn Laghari

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Quinn Laghari
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Chief Archivist

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Curator of the Hall of Heroes
Assigns survey patrols on Neomuna.


"City's got a million people who will pick up a gun to protect it, but not alot of people who'll hang back and guard history. But, its fine! I don't need glamor."
— Quinn Laghari

Quinn Laghari is a Human archivist who oversees the Hall of Heroes on Neomuna from her holoprojection, being in charge of all of Neomuni and human history that survived the Collapse. She also aids the Guardians on Patrols as a virtual saboteur turning the city's infrastructure against the Cabal and Vex.


Quinn was born and present on Neomuna during the City Age, having lost a leg after an accident that left her wearing a prosthesis. Nonetheless, she proved herself above her peers by earning three doctorates and earning a profession as an archivist at the Hall of Heroes. After succeeding her old boss Marco, she became the new Chief Archivist of the city in charge of preserving all of the city's history and the history of pre-Golden Age Earth. Once the Shadow Legion invaded Neomuna, Quinn joined the rest of the populace in uploading their consciousnesses into the city's virtual CloudArk network out of safety. While she still would continue performing her duties as archivist in the simulated Hall of Heroes, she would be one of a few citizens who could aid the Cloud Striders in defense of the city by exploiting the environment of the city during the occupation.

Personality and traits[edit]

Quinn is characterized as being completely nonchalant and dry-witted with a disregard for protocol and professionalism; taking her occupation as chief archivist with extreme candor. Nonetheless, she is highly brilliant and intelligent possessing three different doctorates, in addition to being an adept hacker at sabotage. Quinn is also highly sociable with everyone she knows, including Viragni "Sid" D'Sydney who comments that literally everyone is her favorite. One exception is the Guardian whom she is completely enamored for; constantly flirting on them whenever they are on the comms or visiting the Hall of Heroes.


  • Quinn shares a surname with one of the members of the Uplift Coven, suggesting that she may be related to them.[1]


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