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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Cloud Striders

Focal world(s):



Defend and protect Neptune

At war with:

Cabal (Shadow Legion)
Darkness (Pyramids)

Allied with:


Average height:

Comparable to the Cabal [1]


Cyber enhancements[2]

Average lifespan:

Reduced to a decade after enhancement[2]

Notable individuals:



Cloud Striders are the defenders of Neomuna. They are considered to be an antithesis of Guardians in that they volunteer to defend rather than being chosen. They also have a very short lifespan, as opposed to the immortality of Guardians. There are typically only two Cloud Striders at a time, an older one and a younger one. [2]


Many colony ships sought to escape Earth during the Collapse. Most failed to flee Sol, and many ended up forming what is now known as the Reef. One ship, however, successfully transported a group of people to Neptune, where they eventually settled and became the citizens of Neomuna. The Cloud Striders are Neomuna citizens who have volunteered to undergo a process to enhance themselves with nanotechnology at the cost of a shortened lifespan of about a decade.[2]


  • In the Lightfall reveal trailer, a transforming weapon used by a Cloud Strider appears to be able to attack a Pyramid with a rocket[3]. If this is the case, this would be the first known weapon capable of doing so, as the Pyramids have negated any previous attempts at an attack.
  • The Cloud Striders were first referenced in Destiny The Taken King. They were referred to as "Cloud Walkers"; "pioneers of the first Exodus".[5]


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