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This article is about the character. For the quest, see Stargazer (Quest).
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Cloud Strider


Stargazer, also known by their real name, Laminak Li, was a Cloud Strider of Neomuna.


Like all Cloud Striders who followed in the footsteps of the Strider, Mikaela Julaha, Stargazer was a Neomuni citizen who volunteered to undergo augmentation at the Sidereal, massively augmenting his physical capabilities at the cost of reducing his remaining lifespan to about ten years.

At some point during the Dark Age, Stargazer and several other Neomuni traveled to Earth on a mission to establish contact and conduct cultural exchange with the local population; according to audio logs left by Chioma Esi, Stargazer was also tasked with finding a way to stop Rasputin from investigating Neomuna and the Veil, as the Warmind had recently reactivated and had discovered the existence of the colony.[1]

Following their arrival on Earth, the expedition team ran afoul of the warlord Carnunta, who Stargazer shot and killed, apparently permanently, before fleeing a posse of the warlord's followers. Seeking refuge within a Golden Age facility, Stargazer made contact with one of Rasputin's subminds, Malahayati, who dispatched the warband outside the facility with a warsat's gamma-ray beam. Before leaving, Stargazer asked Malahayati to erase all information pertaining to Neptune or the Exodus Indigo from Rasputin's archives.[2]

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