Radial Mast

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The Radial Mast is an artifact of the Black Fleet resonating with the Light. It was utilized by Calus at the behest of the Witness in an attempt to link with the Veil, a paracausal entity beneath the Neptunian city of Neomuna, so as to in turn form a connection with the Traveler. However, this plan was thwarted by Rohan, who sacrificed himself in a self-detonation that destroyed the Mast.


The Radial Mast strongly resembles a larger version of the Suppressor devices utilized by the Shadow Legion throughout Neomuna, having a rectilinear box-like shape with an ornate golden armature projecting from its upper surface. Segments of the Mast's structure rotate when it is active, and when it is in the process of forming a connection with the Veil it opens up to reveal a seemingly abstract golden structure inside that resembles a more complex version of those seen within Suppressors.