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Harmonious Flotilla Invincible


The Harmony were an intelligent species whom the Hive destroyed in the Hive-Harmony war.


The Harmony were a species who benefited from the patronage of the Traveler. The Traveler realigned the orbits of ten planets, including the Harmony's homeworld Ana-Harmony, around a black hole, and in the black hole's polar jet, it built the Gift Mast, a hollow construct that radiated pure silver Light and allowed the Harmony to thrive.[1] The Harmonious Flotilla Invincible guarded the Harmony core worlds and the Nicha Thought-ship, a ship of unknown purpose.[2] The Harmony figured out how to weaponize their black hole and use its accretion disc to fire relativistic plasma jets; this was called the "Harmony Sting".[1]


Oryx, the Taken King used his newly-built Dreadnaught to destroy the Harmonious Flotilla when the latter gathered to defend the Nicha Thought-ship. Oryx boarded the Thought-ship to learn the location of the Gift Mast, but was ambushed by the Vex Mind known as Quria, Blade Transform; it is unknown if the Harmony was actively allied with the Vex, or the Vex independently prepared the ambush. After dispatching Quria, Oryx assaulted the Harmony core worlds.[2]

Xivu Arath led the offensive and the Harmony defended themselves with the Sting; but her attacks stalled fifty years on as the Harmony turned to "dragon-wishes", allowing their "wishful bishops" to challenge Xivu Arath directly in her Ascendant Realm but she was ultimately victorious. Savathûn then infiltrated Ana-Harmony in secret and set up Hive covens that sowed chaos among the Harmony for a century, and in the process she acquired an unknown secret. Oryx had his broods colonize the rubble of the black hole's accretion disk, allowing them to direct asteroids at the Harmony's fleets and worlds. When they had been weakened sufficiently, he deployed Seeder Ships and invaded the Harmony outright. When Oryx toppled the Gift Mast, the remaining Harmony reportedly despaired and drowned themselves.[3]


  • The description of the Harmony's usage of "dragon-wishes" may mean the Harmony gods were related taxonomically in some way to the Ahamkara, who appeared on Earth when the Traveler arrived. The Ahamkara's presence in relation to the Traveler strengthens the possibility.
Notably, the Harmony are the only other species apart from the Dakaua to have no physical description. This and their usage of "dragon-wishes" has led to the misconception that they were draconic.
  • The Harmony were the first recorded species to be attacked by the Dreadnaught following its creation, and also the first to fall victim to its superweapon.
  • Interestingly, the very name "Gift-Mast" implies that the Traveler was aware of the Darkness' approach, and engineered a device that would enable to Harmony to use their black hole as a kind of Shkadov engine, a hypothetical device which uses stars for propulsion, to flee.[4]

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