Hive-Harmony war

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Golden Amputation

Hive-Harmony war




The Hive

The Harmony

The Vex

  • Many assorted Hive
  • The complete destruction of the Harmonious Flotilla Invincible
  • Destruction of the Gift Mast
  • The Harmony are rendered extinct
  • The Vex onboard the Nicha Thought-ship are destroyed, and Quria is Taken

The Hive-Harmony war was an ancient war that occurred between the Hive and an alien species known as the Harmony.


The Harmony's war against the Hive began when Oryx, the Taken King used the newly-crafted Dreadnaught against the Harmonious Flotilla Invincible when the latter gathered to defend the Nicha Thought-ship. After destroying the defending fleet, Oryx boarded the Thought-ship to learn the location of the Gift Mast, but was ambushed by the Vex who were being lead by the Vex Mind known as Quria, Blade Transform; It is not known If the Harmony were actively working with the Vex, or if the Vex independently planned their attack. Regardless, after dispatching the Vex and Taking Quria, Oryx assaulted the Harmony core worlds.

After the destruction of the fleet, Xivu Arath led the offensive against the Harmony. In response, the Harmony defended themselves with the Harmony Sting; but her attacks stalled fifty years on as the Harmony resorted to "dragon-wishes", allowing their "wishful bishops" to challenge Xivu Arath directly in her Ascendant Realm, but in the end she was victorious. Savathûn then infiltrated Ana-Harmony in secret and set up Hive covens that sowed chaos among the Harmony for a century, and in the process she acquired an unknown secret. Oryx had his broods colonize the rubble of the black hole's accretion disk, allowing them to direct asteroids at the Harmony's fleets and worlds. When they had been weakened sufficiently, he deployed Seeder Ships and invaded the Harmony worlds outright. When Oryx toppled the Gift Mast, the remaining Harmony, filled with despair, drowned themselves, rendering the species extinct.

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