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Exceptional pilots

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"The Sindu fly like surgeons operate."
— Emperor Calus[1]

The Sindû, or Sindu, are an alien race that dwell in gas giants in the "spinward marches"[2] and a member species of Emperor Calus's Loyalists. They are exceptional space pilots, with their best being known as Ace-Defiants.[1]


When the exiled Emperor Calus discovered the Sindû, he invited them to join his Loyalists. When the Sindû refused, Calus simply conquered them, destroying their entire star-pilot corps save the Ace-Defiant Jarus, who he chose to join the Shadows.[2] After inducting them into his Loyalists, he repaid them with a new fleet of golden interceptors, and employed their talents in defense of The Leviathan.[3]

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