Shadows of Calus

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Shadows of Calus


The Leviathan




Fulfil vengeance for Calus, by killing Dominus Ghaul's Coup (formerly)
Help restore Calus' power over the Cabal


Emperor Calus
Valus Nohr (deceased)
Werner 99-40




"My Shadows are a chosen people, selected from the best of the best of each world I've encountered."
— Calus, Emperor of the Cabal

The Shadows of Calus are an elite team of Loyalist champions in the service of Emperor Calus, composed of individuals from various civilizations who were personally recruited by Calus during his exile. In the days immediately before the Red Legion set out to the Solar System to wipe out the Guardians, Calus deployed his Shadows to assassinate the various conspirators behind the coup that deposed him. While the Shadows succeeded in eliminating nearly everyone on Calus's hit list except Caiatl, Umun'arath, Otzot (additionally referenced during Insight terminus strike), The Consul and Dominus Ghaul, none of them survived their mission.

In the aftermath of the Red War, Calus had since started auditioning Guardians to replace them as the newest generation of Shadows, starting with a trial through The Leviathan. They would later aid the emperor in clearing his ship of incursions from the Vex, Red Legion and Hive in addition to proving their mettle in the Menagerie; to which the Guardians that succeeded were given the title of Shadow much to the concerns of the Vanguard and the suspicions of Aunor Mahal.

Known Shadows[edit]

Fictional Shadows[edit]


  • Only four of the Conspirators were mentioned to be killed by the Shadows.
  • In The Chronicon, the Scribes referred to the Shadows as Calus' Chosen Killers and his Zenith Champions.

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