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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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The Fulminator
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The Fulminator is a female Arkborn in service to Emperor Calus of the Cabal, as a member of his elite team of assassins known as the Shadows.[1] As a being of pure Arc energy, The Fulminator required a specifically built suit of armor provided by Calus to leave the Arks upon which the Arkborn resided.[2]

Shortly before the Red War, The Fulminator was sent on a mission to assassinate Statesman Tha'uul, who mistook her for a Stormcaller. Before being killed, Tha'uul revealed many pieces of information, which she reported to Calus. Calus only cared about one of those reports: the location of Dominus Ghaul, who was at the edge of Solar System to take part in a celebration.[3] During the Shadows' mission to assassinate Ghaul, The Fulminator led the charge after Jarus crashed their ship into Ghaul's flagship. Undoing every inhibitor on her armor, The Fulminator quickly dispersed into a storm of Arc energy, killing countless Cabal, but failing to kill Ghaul. The Fulminator still exists, but she can no longer interact physically with other objects.[4]

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