Sekris, Baron of Shanks

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Sekris, Baron of Shanks
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The Shankmaster
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Highly skilled in cybernetics


Sekris, Baron of Shanks was a Fallen Baron who severed his loyalty against his race in order to serve Emperor Calus as a Loyalist. Sekris was a notable member of Calus' secretive Shadows unit until his death at the hands of Dominus Ghaul.


Sekris was very skilled with cybernetics and Servitor mechanics, allowing him to have a longer lifespan than other members of his race. As a result of his long lifespan, Sekris was still alive shortly before the Red War despite being able to recall a time when the Fallen were visited by the Traveler.[1] Sekris was also very skilled in combat, being capable of taking on multiple Guardians simultaneously, and was noted to have inspired Fallen mercenaries such as Taniks, the Scarred.[2]

At some point after the Whirlwind, Sekris and his House moved to a remote settlement after the Collapse. During their stay, the settlement was attacked by Saint-14 and five other Guardians, who had joined him on his crusade. When Sekris awoken and found that he was the only survivor, he activated the defenses of his settlements. Though too late to save the others that were within his House, he utilized his Shanks and other defenses to attack the invading Guardians, killing and keeping five of them occupied while Saint-14 continually hunted for the Baron.

Eventually, Sekris was cornered by Saint-14 and activated a barrier between the two, locking them in the room that the Baron was trapped into. Sekris began to communicate with Saint-14 in the language of his people, noting that he didn't know that the Traveler's Light could bring anyone back from the dead. Saint rebuked that the Light was a quintessential gift, and had also noted that he knew that the Traveler once blessed the Fallen during their time of prosperity, which the Titan inquired on what the Traveler had given to them, as opposed to humanity. Not knowing the full extent of the gifts the Traveler had bestowed upon the Fallen, he lied to Saint that it had given them many things. Saint then questioned what he had intended to accomplish, and the Baron, in return, asked of the Titan as to why he has chosen to form a crusade against the Eliksni. The Titan responded that if the Baron had seen what the other Fallen had done to humanity during the Dark Age and beyond, he would understand. Sekris began to ask Saint if he directly communes with the Traveler, which Saint did not answer, as he began to look for a way out of the room the two are trapped in. Sekris then stated to the Titan that he thinks he can permanently end the Titan, and asked if his Ghost, which Sekris mistook for different sort of Shank, came with the Titan.

He then explained that there are enough explosives within the room that could tear a Walker apart. Saint-14 then dared Sekris to detonate the explosives, stating that the Baron would only be doing the Titan's job for him, as Saint believed he would return from the attempt. The Baron could not detonate the explosives, whether it be of fear or indignation. He asked the Titan that should the Baron spare him, would the Traveler bless the Eliksni once again. Saint did not respond, and Sekris continued to ask if the Traveler loves the Titan in particular. Sekris then deactivated the barrier between the two, and ceased his Shanks from continuing to combat the other Guardians. Saint-14 could only stare at the Baron before leaving him be.[3]

After the skirmish, Sekris would soon be contacted by Emperor Calus, who offered him a greater power than the favor of the Traveler, Sekris accepted, disappeared from the rest of Fallen civilization, and became a Shadow of Emperor Calus.[4] As a Shadow, Sekris questioned every order he was given, to the point that Valus Nohr would have killed him were it not for the personal intervention of Calus. In addition, Sekris harbored a deep hatred for Humanity and Guardians, and he constantly asked Emperor Calus to annihilate them.[5] All the while during his service under the Emperor, Sekris kept eyes on Saint-14 through the Cabal Battlenet as he continued his crusade against his people.[3]

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