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Shayotet the Uncleft





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The Cabal Empire



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Former bodyguard of Calus
Participated in Ghaul's coup


Lictor Shayotet, the Emperor's Protector is the former bodyguard of Emperor Calus. After serving faithfully by his friend's side for many years, Shayotet betrayed the Emperor and aided Ghaul's coup, believing that his former friend had become corrupted by his position and riches.


During Calus' revolution against the Praetorate, Shayotet protected him from several attempts on his life. Shayotet was shot and poisoned numerous times, and risked his life against the Cabal Legions' bombing runs by standing by Calus' side at public events. The revolution was eventually successful, and Calus became the Emperor while Shayotet remained his protector and friend.[1]

However, as Calus' rule continued, Shayotet became concerned about his friend's lavish lifestyle and came to believe that Calus was corrupted by his position and cared more for pleasures than ruling the Cabal Empire well. His disgust led him to join a conspiracy headed by Primus Ghaul of the Red Legion and The Consul that intended to overthrow Calus and establish military rule over the Empire. On the night of the coup, Shayotet led his soldiers into Calus' palace and looted it. Confronting his former friend, Shayotet informed the Emperor that he was doing this in honor of the man Calus had once been. The coup was successful, and Calus and his remaining followers were sent into exile aboard the Leviathan.[1]

Outraged by Shayotet's betrayal, Calus decided that his former friend was one of several figures in the coup who needed to die.[1] Eventually, the exiled emperor sent one of his Shadows, the Sindû Ace-Defiant Jarus, to kill Shayotet. Jarus shot down Shayotet's ship, causing him to crashland on a planet. He successfully ejected from his doomed vessel in a drop pod. Emerging from the pod, he was fired upon by Jarus and hit several times. Ignoring his wounds, Shayotet roared and charged his assailant, but was killed when the Shadow drew a blade and cut down Shayotet with a single precise stroke to his neck.[2]

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