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Jarus, Ace Defiant
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"This room commemorates my Ace-Defiant: agile, lean... and thoroughly dead!"
— Emperor Calus[1]

Jarus, Ace Defiant was a Sindû pilot who served as an Ace-Defiant in defense of his people. He became a Shadow in service to Emperor Calus after his people were conquered by the Cabal Loyalists.


When Emperor Calus arrived at the gas giants the Sindû inhabited, he invited them to join his Empire. They refused, and Jarus led a battalion of pilots to assault the invader's flagship, the Leviathan. The assault failed, and Jarus awoke aboard the Leviathan in restraints with Calus standing over him. As he wondered what happened to his fellow pilots, Calus spoke, declaring that he had rescued Jarus and that he would become his Ace-Defiant.[1] Jarus was led by Calus through the ship to a hangar, where he was presented with a beautiful ship named God's Will alongside a new set of armor. Calus informed him that if he took the armor, Jarus would become his, and then departed alongside his guard, leaving Jarus with a choice between service and death.[2]

Jarus chose to serve Calus, and became one of his Shadows, elite agents who hunted down Calus' enemies and carried out special missions for the Emperor. In addition to his duties as a Shadow, Jarus served as the helmsman for the Leviathan, which burned his mind.[3] The Sindû were also rewarded for Jarus' loyalty, being granted a fleet of golden ships, and their interceptors provided an escort for the Leviathan.[4]

Eventually, Jarus was dispatched to hunt down Lictor Shayotet, Calus' former bodyguard who aided Dominus Ghaul in his coup against Calus. As he waited to ambush Shayotet's ship, Jarus was contacted by Calus, who criticized the pilot's lack of appreciation for the wine made from his homeworld's surface. Their disagreement was cut short when Shayotet's forces arrived and attacked God's Will. As Jarus engaged the Cabal forces, Calus promised to save a drink for him upon his return.[4] Jarus succeeded in shooting down Shayotet's ship and followed the doomed vessel to the surface of a nearby planet. Shayotet survived the crash in a drop pod, but Jarus landed nearby and opened fire with his pistols, which had also been gifted to him by Calus. The Cabal warrior shrugged off the assault and charged Jarus, who holstered his pistols. When Shayotet was close enough Jarus activated his energy blade and slit the massive warrior's throat, bringing an end to his life. Returning to his ship, Jarus contacted Calus, who expressed pride in his Shadow's actions and had another drink in Jarus' honor.[3]

When Calus learned that Dominus Ghaul was going to the Sol System to combat the Traveler and its Guardians, he decided to follow and have the Shadows attempt to assassinate Ghaul. Jarus was asked to pilot the rest of the Shadows aboard a heavily reinforced ship to Ghaul's flagship, with Calus ordering him to get the other Shadows aboard by any means necessary. Jarus formulated a plan to crash into Ghaul's vessel, sacrificing his own life to give the others a chance to kill the Cabal's leader.[5] He successfully crashed right into the heart of Ghaul's flagship and died on impact, but the rest of the Shadows survived to continue their mission.[6]

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