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Notable individuals:

Tai Emperor Raven


The Taishibethi (or Tai) were an intelligent species native to the planet Taishibeth. They were destroyed by the Hive in a conflict called the Golden Amputation.


The Taishibethi were an avian species described as "sun ravens" who arose on Taishibeth and eventually established an advanced spacefaring civilization that encompassed multiple worlds. They constructed orbitals and structures called "star-webs" in which infant Taishibethi gestated. Their military technology included "battleplates" and "arsenal ships". The Taishibethi were ruled by the Tai Emperor Raven.[1]

The Hive invaded Taishibethi space at some point following their obliteration of the Ecumene, using their war moons to ram the Taishibethi orbitals and star webs, whilst sending Taken to blight their worlds. The war went poorly for the Taishibethi until the Tai Emperor Raven returned to them and confronted the Hive at the Raven Bridge. The Tai Emperor Raven singlehandedly destroyed a Hive war moon, killing all of the Hive within. Before she could press her advantage, however, Oryx, the Taken King transformed her into a Taken, The Perfect Raven. From that point on, it is said that no more Taishibethi are born. Soon after, the Golden Amputation ended and the Taishibethi were extinct.[1]


  • The description of the Tai as "sun ravens" may be drawn from the three-legged crow Yatagarasu of East Asian mythology, which was similarly a corvid strongly associated with the sun.

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