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Driven to extinction by the Cabal


The Tiiarn were once a race that was encountered by the Cabal that they subsequently conquered and rendered extinct.


The Tiiarn were once a race that were discovered by the Cabal, they engaged in conflict with them, but were conquered and later annihilated by them. All that was left were the stories of their myths told through Psion Scribes. One such story was of the origins of the universe, which was a primordial chaotic void until the first being Irkyn La, the First Host blinked herself into existence and created order out of the chaos by devouring it and giving form to the universe. As Irkyn La was the fabric of the universe itself, the Tiiarn said that looking up into the sky was like looking into her mouth. It was described as well that with the death of the Tiiarn, that Irkyn La was dead as well.[1]

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