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Crota's Oversoul
"If we can separate our deaths from ourselves, and hide them, we will be hard to kill."
Ir Anûk and Ir Halak to Oryx

An Oversoul is a Hive construct first conceived of by Ir Anûk and Ir Halak, the twin daughters of Oryx, the Taken King.


Ascendant Hive detach their souls from their physical bodies and contain them within Oversouls, which are then kept within that Hive's personal throne world. Oversouls enhance an Ascendant Hive's ability to survive death, as they protect that Hive's soul upon the loss of its physical body, and generate a paracausal death impulse, similar to the lethal ability of Hive Deathsingers, to eliminate any immediate threats. In short, the Hive use Oversouls to separate and hide their deaths from their true selves, granting them a resilience beyond mere immortality.[1] Oryx used this concept in his Dreadnaught, making the ship itself into his Oversoul. This both protected his soul and gave it the power to attack potential threats using its death impulse, thereby expanding the limits of his Throne world and Taking any survivors. A noteworthy example of the power of his Oversoul was when he used it to annihilate the entire Awoken armada that engaged his battle-group in the rings of Saturn. The blast was so immense that it left a massive hole in the rings, leaving only the Dreadnaught and a few Hive Warships behind.


The Oversoul is a mysterious entity found in Crota's End. It can be seen from outside Crota's fortress, and from within. During the fight with Crota, the Oversoul acts as Crota's Enrage weapon; when Crota recovers, or he becomes Enraged after ten minutes, the Oversoul will activate. Guardians have ten seconds to sufficiently damage the Oversoul into retreating or else they die.

In the King's Fall raid, the Warpriest uses an Oversoul of his own called the Oculus, which kills any Guardian not standing directly in the shadow of a monument during its attack.

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