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Hive Shield
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The Hive Shield is a defensive piece of equipment wielded by the Hive's troops.


A shield is a rare piece of equipment for the Hive, as it is anthithetical to the Sword Logic. When the Hive Shield first appeared, it was found exclusively in the arsenal of the heretical Grasp of Nokris[1]. With the passing of the years, it would be adopted by the existing[2] broods[3] of the Sol System. These broods have their own designs for the shields, resembling the chitin of their bodies.


Hive Shields are medium sized slabs of chitin, found in the hands of Hive Knights and Vanquishers. Wielders of the Shield always use a Cleaver in their primary hand, resulting in an even more dangerous melee opponent than swordbearing Knights normally are. Shieldbearers will keep the shield up at all times while moving, but put it off when they slash. The shield protects their torso and most of their head, making headshots harder to score. Unlike other shielded units, Knights have a significant resilience to staggering, making shooting at their limbs to drop their guard an unfeasible tactic. However, the Hive Shield can be destroyed after taking a lot of shots, with a damaged one becoming increasingly cracked and letting out a green glow. Once its shield is destroyed, a Knight behaves much like normal swordbearing combatants of its kind.


  • The adoption of the Shield by other broods of Sol may signify their abandonment of the principles of the Sword Logic.


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