Black Terrace

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Bladed Terrace


Ascendant Realm

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Xivu Arath's Horde


The Black Terrace (also known as the Bladed Terrace) is the Throne World of Xivu Arath, God of War. It appears as a terrace covered by onyx blades, hilted in emerald flame and overlooking darkened systems.[1] Since her appearance in the Sol System, Xivu Arath has used the Bladed Terrace to summon forth her armies.[2][3][4] Xivu Arath would eventually be severed from the Black Terrace in Season of the Witch at the hands of the Hive God of Vengeance, banishing her from its reaches and making her mortal.


According to Xivu Arath, the colors of her court are the yellow of fat, the purple of viscera and the rust-cut of capillaries. The Black Terrace hosts many structures made out of living and biological materials: swollen fountains running with blood and bursting with arterial sprays, paths paved with white teeth that gnash at every footfall and with living roots, cathedrals made of flesh that brush and contract when the breeze caresses them. Her own palace has halls that are like echoing throats, slick and filled with breath and with windows that are glazed with skin, opalescent and latticed with veins. Her throne is made of living bones, still filled with pith and knotted with scars.[5]

Outside of the dark terrace, the rest of the Throneworld of Xivu Arath is described as a salt flat that stretches endlessly until it disappears into darkness, with armaments of all kinds partially sheathed between the cracks like it's a battlefield.[6]

Even if Xivu Arath claims that her throne is made in celebration of War and Death, Savathun believes that it's a mausoleum of life with the cloying comfort of a birthing room, reminiscent of the gardens where they used to play when they were young krill.[7]

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