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Final Wish





Season of the Wish




Riven's Lair, Dreaming City


Retrieve Riven's egg

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Polysemy is a mission in Wishing All the Best quest of Season of the Wish.


  • Traverse the Lair and Slay What Lurks Within
    • Portal opened
  • Reach the next pathway
  • Reach the Catacombs Through the Portal
    • Enter the Portal
    • Plates Activated: X of 3
  • Escape Through the Portal
  • Dispense With the Vex Guarding the Imprisoned Ogre
  • Use an Arc Cranium to Destroy the Vex Nodes and Release the Ogre
    • Nodes destroyed: X of 4
  • Defeat the Ogre and Its Wardens
  • Form a Portal to Escape the Trapped Room
    • Plated Activated: X of 3
  • Defeat the Aspirational Construct
  • Retrieve the egg for Riven


Petra Venj: Now that the Ley Lines are aligned, the egg should pass within reach of you.

Petra Venj: You'll have to hurry. We need you in position when it arrives.

Mission begins
The Guardian arrives at Riven’s Lair

Riven: Scurry through these halls all you please.

Riven: The queen risks your lives-wastes precious time on her hollow promise.

Petra Venj: Oh, is it fun when something you want is at stake?

Queen Mara Sov: Petra.

Petra Venj: Apologies, my queen.

Riven: You know my conditions. Secure every egg, or the bargain is forfeit.

The Guardian enters a portal to traverse further through the Lair
The Guardian arrives at the Fetid Conduit, occupied by the Vex

Queen Mara Sov: Savathûn knew of the clutch. Did she scatter the eggs on your behalf? Or you, hers?

Riven: [tuts sarcastically] I bear no loyalty to the Witch Queen.

Queen Mara Sov: You've shared common cause with her often enough.

Riven: As have you. Isn't that why you're here?

The Guardian defeats the Vex
The Guardian activates all three of the plates to open the portal
The Guardian enters the portal to arrive at the Garden of Plenty, occupied by the Vex guarding the Raging Ogre

Petra Venj: The Vex have dug in here at the Gardens. I never though I'd see them in the Dreaming City.

Queen Mara Sov: The Sol Divisive are devoted to the Witness. They are here at its behest-to what purpose, I don't yet know

The Guardian defeats the Vex
Further Vex appear

Queen Mara Sov: The Taken run rampant, leaderless. It seems the Vex want them contained as well.

The Guardian uses Arc Cranium’s to destroy the Nodes, releasing the Raging Ogre
The portal opens
The Guardian enters the portal, arriving at the Splintered Geode, occupied by the Vex

Petra Venj: These pathways… do they extend beyond the Dreaming City.

Riven: I never escaped the city. I see no reason you should.

Riven: Ah still… when the walls close in, what is there to do but climb?

The Guardian defeats the Vex
The Guardian activates all three of the plates to open the portal
The Guardian enters the portal to arrive at the Pavilion, occupied by the Vex
Aspirational Construct appears
Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted

Queen Mara Sov: That Hydra-I sense a core of Darkness at its heart. The creature serves as the Witness's eyes and ears.

Queen Mara Sov: Destroy it, and we may yet obscure our intentions.

The Guardian uses Arc Cranium's to destroy the Aspirational Construct's shield
The Guardian defeats the Aspirational Construct
The Guardian retrieves Riven's egg

Petra Venj: The Techeuns were right. We did it.

Queen Mara Sov: Riven isn't the last after all.

Riven: If only for the moment. You may yet shatter that truth.

Riven: It pleases me to know that one egg survives. To know, even in death…

Riven: A promising start, O Guardian mine. Or is it merely bait on the hook?

{End Mission:Polysemy}


Vex - Sol Divisive