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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Season of the Wish




Riven's Lair, Dreaming City


Retrieve Riven's egg

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Apophasis is a mission in the Wishing All the Best quest of Season of the Wish.


  • Traverse the Lair and Slay What Lurks Within
    • Portal opened
  • Reach the next pathway
  • Form a Portal to Escape the Trapped Room
    • Plates activated: X of 3
  • Escape Through the Portal
  • Dispense With the Vex Guarding the Imprisoned Ogre
  • Use the Arc Cranium to Destroy the Vex Nodes and Release the Ogre
    • Nodes destroyed: X of 4
  • Defeat the Ogre and Its Wardens
  • Reach the Catacombs Through the Portal
    • Enter the portal
  • Defeat the Minotaur
  • Retrieve the egg for Riven
  • Defeat the Centroidal Mind
    • Shield recharges in 1:29


The Crow: We have a problem. I was prepping our entry point, and Sol Divisive started pouring into the Confluence.

The Crow: I managed to slip into the over-city undetected, but just barely.

Osiris: How did they get ahead of us, of the Techuens?

The Crow: I don't know, but we need to move on this.

Osiris: Well, I suppose no plan survives contact with the enemy. Guardian, make sure whatever the Vex are planning doesn't survive contact with you.

Mission begins
The Guardian lands at Riven's Lair

Riven: My brood is in peril! Sneak-thieves ransack my lair!

Riven: Roar my fury through your fangs! CONSUME THEM ALL!

The Crow: She's worked up. I'll guard the Confluence from the surface-make sure nothing tries to ambush you.

The Guardian opens and enters a portal, taking them to the Crossing
The Guardian arrives at and enters a portal, taking them to the Splintered Geode

The Crow: Osiris… I've been thinking about why the Vex would hit this spot.

Osiris: And?

The Crow: The arboretum's where the Confluence intersects with the Dreaming City's Ley Lines. They could be trying to establish a connection.

Osiris: Or perhaps excuse the Confluence from the City altogether. Thereby removing our ability to appease Riven.

The Crow: That sounds like a Vex plan to me.

Osiris: One we cannot abide.

The Crow: I remember the Sol Divisive doing all sorts of weird things in the Black Garden.

The Crow: In the deepest parts, they were experimenting with paracausal forces…

The Crow: …Adjusting their code to more closely reflect the way they perceived the Darkness.

Osiris: But to no avail, to my recollection. Perhaps this is the end of those experiments. Perhaps it is something new.

The Guardian defeats Vex and activates three plates to open a portal
The Guardian enters the portal, taking them to the Reaver's Orison
Vex appear

The Crow: The Sol Divisive aren't getting along with the Taken.

Osiris: Many Taken here have run themselves rabid, searching for purpose.

Osiris: The Vex must be trying to contain that behavior. Let it loosen upon them.

The Guardian defeats Arc-Charged Minotaurs, dropping Arc Craniums
The Guardian uses the Arc Craniums to destroy the Vex Nodes, freeing the Raging Ogre
The Guardian defeats the Raging Ogre
A portal opens, the Guardian enters, taking them to the Fetid Conduit, discovering Oracles

Osiris: Oracles… outside of the Vault of Glass. I did not think it possible.

The Crow: Are you seeing those readings too?

Osiris: Resonance. If they are tapping into the Darkness's memory, it may enhance their predictive capabilities.

The Crow: Looks like the Witness might've taught the Sol Divisive some new tricks.

Osiris: Or the Sol Divisive sought to align their collective more closely with that which they worship.

The Crow: Either way, I guess now we know how they got ahead of us.

The Guardian defeats Vex and activates three plates to open a portal
The Guardian enters the portal, taking them to the Pavilion
Vex lead by the Deceptor Mind appear

Osiris: There, you have them flat-footed. Strike! Before they seize the egg.

The Guardian defeats the Deceptor Mind
The Guardian attempts to retrieve Riven's egg, however it is revealed to be trapped in a detainment matrix
The egg disappears

Osiris: A detainment matrix!

Riven: Shatter it!

Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted
Vex lead by the Centroidal Mind appear

The Crow: Transmat siganl's scrambled. You've got to fight your way out, Guardian.

The Guardian defeats Arc-Charged Minotaurs, dropping Arc Craniums
The Guardian uses the Arc Craniums to destroy the Vex Nodes, breaking the Centroidal Mind's shield
The Guardian defeats the Centroidal Mind

Riven: FOOLS! Poachers strip my den, they wrap hungry jaws around my young!

The Crow: Maybe we'd have gotten here sooner if you'd stop playing games with us!

Riven: I'm long finished playing with you, fallen prince.

Osiris: Enough. There is nowhere they can run that the Guardian cannot deliver your retribution.

Riven: Wish it true. Ask me to rewrite this failure and I will make it so.

The Crow: You really can't help yourself.

Osiris: We have a lead, in the Darkness connection we detected in the Oracles. Start there, find the trail. Your egg isn't lost yet.

{End Mission:Apophasis}


Vex - Sol Divisive