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//NODE.OVRD.AVALON// (Exotic Mission)
Apophasis (Story Mission)


TBA (Exotic Mission)
Synchysis (Story Mission)



Destiny 2


Season of the Wish



Recommended Power Level:

1830 (legend)


Overland, Black Garden

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Starcrossed is an Exotic Mission introduced in Season of the Wish and can be accessed in the H.E.L.M. Completing this activity on Normal difficulty rewards the Guardian with the Wish-Keeper Exotic Bow.



  • Traverse the Black Garden
  • Approach the Structure
  • Open the Way
  • Access the Transmit Mechanism
  • Eliminate the Vex
  • Deactivate the Barrier
  • Defeat All Hostiles


The Crow: Riven, you never mentioned you had a personal route to the Black Garden.

Riven: And I never would have. But these are desperate times.

The Crow: The Last City and the Awoken have history here. What's your connection to it?

Riven: Currently? It's an inconvenience.

Riven: My child is lost in this ontology. And our enemies are hunting.

The Guardian defeats Vex and finds the entrance out of the cave

The Crow: Eyes up, Guardian. I've heard whispers like this before. Riven was playing me… into a grave.

Riven: Those whispers aren't mine.

The Guardian defeats Taken and discovers sparks of paracausality
The Guardian harnesses the sparks, revealing a symbol, and defeating an Obdurate Phalanx
The entrance opens, the Guardian enters
Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted
Three Obdurate Phalanx's and Taken appear

Riven: Guardian, the barrier ahead will not yield.

Riven: But I've left latent sparks of paracausality you can harness. Break through.

The Crow: So you HAVE been here before.

The Guardian harnesses the sparks, revealing three symbols around each Obdurate Phalanx
The Guardian defeats the Obdurate Phalanx's in the right order
The Guardian traverses further through the structure

The Crow: Riven, what is this place?

Riven: An Ahamkara lair.

The Crow: Hidden in the Black Garden? Is it yours?

Riven: You've seen mine.

The Guardian discovers sparks of paracausality, different from Riven's

The Crow: That whispering again…

Riven : I assure you: that's not my voice.

The Crow: [grunts] It's… it's getting louder.

The Guardian harnesses the sparks of paracausality, allowing them to traverse further through the Lair
The Guardian arrives at a new room
Darkness Zone. Respawning Restricted
Vex appear

Riven: You'll find that the way is locked. But paracausal energy is your key.

The Crow: These sparks seem different.

Riven: Because… they're not mine.

The Guardian harnesses the sparks of paracausality, allowing them to traverse further through the Lair
The Guardian defeats three Gatekeeper Wyvern's, allowing them to imbue the Vex technology with paracausal energy
Vex lead by Ixion, Covetous Mind appear
The Guardian defeats Ixion and the Vex, opening the transit mechanism

The Crow: What aren't you telling us, Riven? The Vex couldn't have created all of this. They can't simulate paracausality.

Riven: You truly wish to know?

The Crow: Watch yourself, Guardian.

The Guardian enters the transit mechanism and traverses further through the Lair

Riven: The way forward lies in solving the paracausality of this place.

The Crow: What did you protect here?

Riven: Many things. But whoever scattered the clutch is using this lair against me.

Riven: The Queen couldn't have done this…

Riven: …Though an Ahamkara could have.

The Guardian continues to traverses the Lair, defeating Vex and Taken
Obdurate Phalanx's and Taken appear
The Guardian harnesses both types of the paracausal sparks, revealing three symbols
The Guardian defeats the Obdurate Phalanx's in the correct order, deactivating the barrier
The entrance to the room with Akardon, Pitiless Mind
The Guardian confronts Akardon, Pitiless Mind

Riven: That Mind is protected with Ahamkara bioenergetics.

Riven: Combine the paracausal energies, and gut that Vex.

The Guardian defeats Akardon, Pitiless Mind
The Guardian enters the room with the egg, discovering Ahamkara bones
The Guardian retrieves the egg and the bow, Wish-Keeper

The Crow: The voices are… asking to use me as a vessel.

Riven recognizes the bones

Riven: I… that's Tanaris.

The Crow: Who?

Riven: Let him speak… please.

The Crow: I'll try anything twice. [inhales] Let's hear you, whoever you are.

Tanaris posses Crow's body

The Crow: [gasps, then growls]

The Crow: Riven. How I've missed you.

Riven: [chuckles sadly] Taranis, what have you done?

The Crow: I've made my last wish.

Riven: YOUR wish? You utter fool.

The Crow: It's been fulfilled. Thanks to you… and the Wish-Keeper.

The Crow: I can rest.

Riven: If there were anything left of you, I'd flay it from your bones.

The Crow: It was good to dance with you, O beloved mine. One last time.

Taranis leaves Crow's body

The Crow: [growls, then gasps]

The Crow: Who was he, Riven?

Riven: Taranis… was my mate.

{End Mission:Starcrossed}


Vex - Sol Divisive




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