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"He is that which is an end. And he shall rise again."
Nezarec's Sin description[1]

Nezarec is an enigmatic figure of unknown origin that previously followed the Witness as a member of its Disciples. He is referenced in the lore tab of the Warlock helmet Nezarec's Sin and in the name of a Glaive known as Nezarec's Whisper.[1][2] In Season of Plunder, it is also implied that Nezarec is the one speaking in the description of the Delicate Tomb Exotic Fusion Rifle.[3]


Pre-Golden Age[edit]

The description of the Glaive known as Nezarec's Whisper seems to imply that Nezarec was anointed by Rhulk as a new Disciple at some point in the past. Eris Morn apparently found the blade within a chamber of The Lunar Pyramid, covered in centuries of dust, hinting that perhaps Nezarec was the original Disciple that controlled that Pyramid and was therefore a participant in the Collapse.[2]

Nezarec is described in a pre-Golden Age text titled "Of Hated Nezarec", in which he is described as "the final god of pain". The text states that he will one day rise again, implying that he is currently dead, dormant or in hiding.[1] The origin and age of this text is unknown, but its archaic style of writing suggests that it is quite old, indicating that Nezarec may have made his presence known to humanity at some point in the ancient past.


During the Collapse, Nezarec led the Black Fleet in its assault against humanity, with his Pyramid becoming stranded on the Moon when the Traveler made its last stand against the Fleet.[4]

City Age[edit]

The Drifter claims to have visited a place called "The Fourth Tomb of Nezarec" in Jovian space.[5]

Season of Plunder[edit]

It is revealed in Season of Plunder that Nezarec's corpse was discovered aboard the Lunar Pyramid by the Eliksni after their arrival in the Sol System. The Eliskni determined that Nezarec's body was a source of great power, and divided the corpse into pieces that they then distributed amongst themselves as talismans. These pieces were later stored within relics and hidden away across the galaxy. Eramis, Kell of Darkness currently seeks to collect all the relics, for purposes yet unknown.[4] Through her research on these relics, Eido, Daughter of Misraaks discovered a reference to the "Curse of Nezarec" in an ancient dirge. The curse is alleged to drain the life of the user, though its purpose is also unknown.

Ultimately, the Guardians gathered all the pieces of Nezarec before Eramis and Mithrax was able to use them to create something useful: a special brew which was given to a comatose Osiris. The brew worked as hoped as it helped Osiris finally awaken from his slumber.


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