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The Jovians are worlds beyond The Reef. Humanity colonized these worlds during the Golden Age, but very little is known about them post-Collapse as the City's ships have rarely attempted any journey to Jupiter or beyond.[1] A group known as the Nine now rules the Jovian worlds.

Several Jovian worlds and moons became warzones for the Guardians during the Red War.

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The term "Jovians" is used ambiguously in Destiny. "Jovian system" is a term for the moons of Jupiter, while "Jovian planet" is a less common term that can refer to any gas giant, including Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Mention of the Nine having a connection to Rhea[2] and a rumor that they arose from Titan,[3] both moons of Saturn, imply that the latter context may be correct, but too little information currently exists on the subject to be certain what the intended meaning is.


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