Acolytes of Nezarec

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The Acolytes of Nezarec are individuals from various species who serve the entity known as Nezarec.


The Acolytes of Nezarec have existed since long before the Golden Age, with Mykel's family having served him for many generations as of the post-Collapse era.[1] The tome Of Hated Nezarec, which predates the Golden Age, was likely written by the Acolytes; Mykel's family is known to have possessed a large leatherbound book describing Nezarec, presumably none other than Of Hated Nezarec itself.

Post-Collapse and City Age[edit]

When he turned eighteen, Mykel experienced a nightmare from Nezarec, and was inducted into the Acolytes by one of his family members, who instructed him to torture a Fallen prisoner in order to "extract its fear".

Later on, the Psion Acasia and the Fallen Koraxis were conscripted into the Acolytes by a member bearing a large leatherbound tome, most likely Mykel.



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