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Accompanied the group that discovered Nezarec on the Lunar Pyramid


"I cannot sleep. His gaze… it lingers at every corner of my mind."
— Koraxis, Acolyte of Nezarec

Koraxis is a Eliksni who was conscripted into the Acolytes of Nezarec.[1]


At an unknown point in time, Koraxis would infiltrate the Lunar Pyramid and would take one of Nezarec's eyes as a relic.[2]

At some point later, Koraxis became a Captain of his own pirate crew, despite his small stature. He agreed to give his relic of Nezarec to a Captain, but later pretended he no longer had it as he had planned to destroy it. The Captain and his crew then attacked Koraxis in a bar in the Reef.[3] He limped back to his ship, and when he fell asleep, he heard a knock on the door. When he opened it, no one was there, but he was thrown backwards. We he opened his eyes, he was once more in the Lunar Pyramid.[4] He followed he same path through the pyramid to the tomb of Nezarec. When he removed one of Nezarec's eyes, the room shook and he fell over.[2]

Later, his crew began to rise in discontent, as they were lacking supplies, and the ship needed repairs. Many believed the ship was cursed. Koraxis began to succumb to the psychic influences of Nezarec, and began losing time and seeing visions. He performed an ancient ritual in an attempt to destroy Nezarec's eye.[5] He had a vision of himself standing on the edge of an asteroid in the Reef, and he threw Nezarec's eye. He broke free from the vision, and heard a knock on the door. When he opened it, Mykel was looking for Koraxis, and ultimately recruited him into his ranks.[6]



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