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This article is about the Acolyte of Nezarec. For the Cloud Strider, see Briar (Cloud Strider).
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"You will never be rid of him."
— Briar, Acolyte of Nezarec

Briar is a former Lightbearer and a member of the Acolytes of Nezarec.[1]


While in an unknown forest, Briar killed someone with his sword, and thought that is was strange that he didn't know why he killed them. A shadow in the trees moved in front of, towering over him and touching his most primal fears before moving through him.[2] Over time, the effects of Nezarec worsened, and Briar forgot who he was.[3] One night, after constant torment he burnt his home down in an attempt to destroy the shadows that haunted him.[4] Finally, Briar succumbed to the psychic influence of Nezarec, which caused him to gouge out his own eyes as he believed Nezarec "preyed upon his vision". After his Ghost, Firethorn, insisted on healing him and restoring his vision, Briar turned on Firethorn and destroyed him before blinding himself a final time.[5] As Nezarec's influence began to wane, Mykel, met with Briar and listened to his story. The man recruited Briar into the Acolytes of Nezarec, so Briar could feel Nezarec's power again.[6]



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