Harbinger of the Witness

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Harbinger of the Witness
Phase 1
Harbinger of the Witness.jpg
Phase 2
Biographical information


The Dread


Subjugator (Harbinger)



Combat information


StrandS.png Subjugator Glaive


StrandS.png Severed Ties
StrandS.png Gordian Entanglement
KineticS.png Melee
Enlightened Rage
Rapid Movement


Harbingers of the Witness are the most common variant of Subjugators, specifically the Harbingers, encountered across the Pale Heart.


The Harbingers of the Witness are encountered across the Pale Heart, often leading fellow Dread or Taken units. They move with rapid speed and often keep a far distance from the enemy, using their Glaive to fire Strand projectiles, Severed Ties, at their opponent. If an opponent engages up close with an Harbinger, it will either strike them with its Glaive or stomp on the ground to propel them further away. Occasionally, the Harbinger will spin and cast Gordian Entanglement at the enemy, causing them mild damage and become suspended in the air for 3 seconds, to which it will use this opportunity to damage its opponents with its attacks. Upon losing half of its health, the Harbinger will become enraged, resulting in it becoming more aggressive as it relentlessly pursues its opponent.