Parting the Veil (quest)

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Parting the Veil
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Destiny 2: Lightfall

Quest giver:



Investigate Vex activity involving the Veil.


Epochal Integration
The Wanderer (Broodweaver)
Threaded Specter (Threadrunner)
Flechette Storm (Berserker)


Parting the Veil is a Destiny 2 quest of the Lightfall expansion, introduced in Season of the Deep.[1] It is available for Season Pass owners after completing the main story campaign and the quest "Unfinished Business", and unlocks several rewards including the Legendary Hand Cannon, Epochal Integration, and the third aspect for the Strand subclasses. Completion of the quest also unlocks Chioma Esi's research logs at the Veil Containment, which released a new log every week during that season.

Visit Nimbus at Strider's Gate in Neomuna to begin the quest.


"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
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Step 1[edit]

Defeat Cabal in Neomuna to find Vex tracking data.

  • Tracking data collected: 10

The Shadow Legion have been actively following Vex activity in Neomuna. See what they've found out.


"Hey, Guardian! Thanks for coming down."

Nimbus is eager to get to work as they stand up, clapping their hands together.

"We've had some weird Vex activity going on across the city in the last couple weeks. When I sent the data to Osiris, he got all excited about it." Nimbus smirks. "You know how he gets."

Nimbus rolls their shoulders, ready for action. "Osiris thinks whatever the Vex are after has to do with the Veil, and he wants you to look into it; collect some data, see what they've been digging into." Nimbus sighs.

"Problem is, we don't have a lead on the Vex… but the Shadow Legion does. So we're gonna pay 'em a visit, bust a few heads, and figure out which Vex we need to target." Nimbus slaps a fist into their open palm.

"I'll be on overwatch," they eagerly explain, "and the old man will be in your ear the whole way." Then Nimbus raises their brow, motioning to the overlook's edge.

"So, ready to roll?"

Step 2[edit]

Acquire Vex data from Maya's Retreat.

  • Maya's Retreat data obtained

The Vex are searching for something in Maya's Retreat. You need more data to identify their target.

Kill Vex at the nearby Conflux at Maya's Retreat, including Architect Wyvern and Interlocutor Harpy.


  • OSIRIS: This Vex data is intriguing. It seems as though they're trying to access servers not currently connected to the CloudArk.
  • NIMBUS: Do we even have systems that aren't connected? Huh, that's weird. Does it say where they're digging?
  • OSIRIS: Not yet, not. We need a few more data points. Guardian, let's get moving.

Step 3[edit]

Acquire additional Vex data from the exterior of the Irkalla Complex.

  • Irkalla Complex data obtained

Kill Vex at the nearby Conflux at Irkalla Complex, including Architect Wyvern and Interlocutor Harpy.


  • NIMBUS: What've we got?
  • OSIRIS: Interesting. The Vex have been attempting to breach an air-gap firewall in the old Ishtar Collective systems at Veil Containment. My initial investigation indicated those systems had been wiped in some sort of electromagnetic event. But perhaps, in our haste, we overlooked something. Let us go discover what the Vex have been after.

Step 4[edit]

Complete "Parting the Veil".

  • Mission completed

The Vex are trying to tunnel into secure computers in Irkalla Complex. Time to find out what they are after

Step 5[edit]

Meditate on your findings.

  • Meditated

Osiris left you a note at the meditation table.

Go to the Pouka Pond at the Hall of Heroes and read Osiris' note to complete the quest; collect Epochal Integration as a reward and unlock additional Strand aspects to purchase.


Osiris has left a note behind for you. It reads:


I do not know where our research into the Veil will bring us. The work done by Chioma Esi and Maya Sundaresh is undoubtedly critical to our understanding of not only the Veil but also its greater purpose in the Witness's agenda. We have only begun to scratch the surface. I wish there were more time.

Regardless, even the beginning of our work has borne fruit in further understanding Strand through its source of origin within the Veil. The more we understand of one, the more we understand of the other. In that, I believe, there is hope.

In the meantime, I believe there are other obligations that demand your attention. I will let you know of any future developments.

Warmest Regards,


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