Hope (Exotic Mission)

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This article is about the exotic mission. For the story mission, see Hope.


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Destiny 2


The Final Shape




The Pale Heart, The Traveler


Use the Dyadic Prism to access the new landing zone in the Sacrarium and claim your destiny.

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Hope is an Exotic Mission available in within the Destined Heroes Quest introduced in the Final Shape expansion. Unlocked after the main Destined Heroes quest, along with Lost in Light and Found in the Dark subquests, the Guardian must return to the Sacrarium where they faced the Witness earlier to claim a gift left by the Traveler.


  • Seek Your Destiny


"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
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(Mission Begins)

The Guardian transmats into the Sacrarium, where the Light of the Traveler is radiating all around. Ghosts consecrate around the center Veiled Statue where Light erupts beneath the terraformed ground with Ergo Sum lodged in the statue.
The Guardian takes the sword and makes their own fate.
  • Zavala: We stand together, on the precipice of annihilation. All our battles and all our losses have led to this moment. One final battle, against the architect of the Collapse. One last step, together... into the end.
  • Ikora Rey: In spite of all the power the Witness has, we stand undefeated. We have endured endless tragedies, endless losses — but we could come back fighting. Today is no different.

(Mission Ends)