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"I don't have time to explain why I don't have time to explain."
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Dual Destiny
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Destiny 2


The Final Shape




The Pale Heart, The Traveler


Two Guardians enter the depths of the Pale Heart in search for power…


Dual Destiny is a secret Exotic Mission introduced in Episode: Echoes as a part of The Final Shape. This mission can only be done 2 players in a fireteam, and completing it will reward the players with the Relativism, Stoicism, and Solipsism Exotic Class Items, based on what Guardian class the player is upon mission completion.


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  • Escape
  • Explore the Anomaly
    • 5:57
  • Find Balance
    • 4:19
  • Mastery of Balance
    • 10:44
  • Claim Your Reward
  • Schism
    • Find Balence
      • 0:58
  • Revelation


Unlocking Dual Destiny[edit]

In order to unlock the mission, players must first complete each Overthrow activity within The Landing, The Blooming and The Impasse. Once the boss for the activity has been defeated and intermission period starts, an onscreen text will appear above the player's bottom left HUD, saying "A Secret-Keeper of the Witch Queen is near…". Players will then have to find the Secret-Keeper, and depending on what area they are in, must knock down their shield or release them in order to kill them.

Once all 3 Secret-Keepers have been killed, players should fast travel to The Blooming. Over to where The Refraction is located, a green beam of light will be visible in the sky. Following this light will lead players into the boss room where the Pillar of Silence was fought in Exegesis. Reaching the other end of the room where players entered from in the aforementioned mission will give both players in the fireteam a 6 minute buff called Savathûn's Envoy. Players must immediately begin heading towards the area where Ikora's crashed ship is located, as two Cruxes of Darkness accompanied by Dread units will spawn. Upon clearing a certain set of Dread units, two Ultra Subjugators will spawn in, one at each Crux. Lowering them to their first bar of health will cause them to teleport away, dropping an orb of Light and and orb of Darkness in the process. Both fireteam members must collect these orbs and carry them back towards boss room mentioned earlier. Once entered, the two pads of Light and Dark from Exegesis will be active, and both players must dunk their respective orb into the pads. Once completed, the exotic mission will appear as node in the room, and on The Pale Heart's Director Map.

Progressing through the Cavern[edit]

When starting the mission, both players will automatically be given either the Light Alignment or Darkness Alignment buff, and must stand on their respective pads within in room in order to disable the Darkness barrier blocking the way forward. Heading down into the the pit and then up from the right to enter the rest The Refraction, both players must head into the cave located towards the other end of the area they entered and must stand on another set of Light and Darkness pads to disable another Darkness barrier. Once disabled both players must head into the area where the Moth-Infested Cavern begins to start the first encounter of the mission.

Once either player stands in the pool of Light or Dark energy, 10 minutes will be added to whatever time remaining the fireteam had and the encounter will begin. Taken Thrall, Tangled Weavers and Frozen Attendants will spawn initially before a Servile Knight and Servile Centurion appear. Depending on what alignment type both players have, the Darkness Alignment player will only be able to damage and kill the Servile Knight, while the other will only be able to damage and kill the Servile Centurion. Once killed, they will drop a mote of Light or Dark depending on what Servile enemy was kill, with the respective alignment player only being able to pick up that mote. When picked up, both players will see the callout symbols used in Vow of the Disciple, with the Light Alignment player seeing two on pedestals, while the Dark Alignment will see multiple spawn in hovering over Pyramid Spikes. The Light Alignment player must read the symbols from left to right, with the Dark Alignment player shooting them in the respective order called out. Once both symbols have been shoot, the players will be transported into the next room, with roles now being reversed now. Players must also kill one more Servile Knight or Centurion than before due to requiring 3 motes now. Rinse and repeat the process from the first room in order to teleport to the last room, where roles are reversed one last time and 4 motes are now required. An important note for the last room is that Taken Acolytes and Taken Vandals will spawn from the ledges and bridge above, so players must be aware in order to avoid being killed by them. Once the last 4 symbols have been shot, players will be teleported into a small room where they'll progress towards the Intrusion.

Traversing the Intrusion[edit]

Entering into the Intrusion, players will have to traverse a series of jumps and gaps in order to progress towards the second encounter, all the while having to face multiple Taken Hobgoblins, Taken Phalanxes, and Geist. Within the second to last room in this area, both players will utilize the Light and Darkness pads from earlier in order to open the way forward and bring out platforms for the other to use and climb on. Clearing out the Taken defending the doorway and activating the final Light and Darkness pads in the room will open up one last section of jumps. Here, players will need to jump down towards an opening with 2 reddish lights next to it, walking through it and making it to the room of the second encounter.

Destabilizing the Cruxes[edit]

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Duel with the Expectors[edit]

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"And my vanquisher will read that book, seeking the weapon, and they will come to understand me, where I have been and where I was going."
The following is a verbatim transcription of an official document for archival reasons. As the original content is transcribed word-for-word, any possible discrepancies and/or errors are included.

Savathûn: A long time ago, there were three sisters.

Savathûn: A Voice in the Darkness put a lie in their hearts, and they've acted on it since…

Savathûn: …Just as you've been lied to.

Savathûn: Light and Dark. Witness and Traveler. Always doubled, always pitted against each other in some grand game.

Savathûn: Well, I've had enough of their games. Haven't you? Let's break their rules together.

The two Guardians travel across the Pale Heart, using the powers of Light and Darkness to prevail over the obstacles in their way. They defeat hordes of Taken and Dread units before eventually defeating Expector Selin and later Expector Yemiq, allowing them to go into a room to claim their rewards. One of each Guardian steps on a Light and Darkness pad respectfully, causing them to be trapped within a barrier and be drowned within the Deep, killing them in the process. Upon being resurrected by their Ghosts, they find themselves trapped within a circular barrier within the room where they slew the two Subjugators. On each side of the barrier resides a lock, giving the Guardians the choice to either choose peace or battle each other in exchange for freedom.
If they choose peace.

Savathûn: Well, look at you! Trusting your own instincts, thinking for yourself. I'm so proud.

The Guardians are once again killed after being Drowned in the Deep, with the barriers lowering shortly after.

Savathûn: You and I, we're not interested in playing other people's games.

Savathûn: Now, Xivu Arath? [sighs] My sister has always played by the rules. And where did that get her? Nowhere good.

Savathûn: There's no power in blindly following the whims of capricious, self-titled gods. Except… yourself.

Or alternatively if they choose to battle.

Savathûn: Your age-old enemy, come at last.

With the barriers lowered, the Guardians battle each other

Savathûn: Your enemy. Your adversary. Your would-be killer.

Savathûn: The Traveler's champion… seeking blood.

Eventually one of the Guardians prevails as they kill the other, resulting in them being given the choice to either spare them, or destroy their Ghost.

Savathûn: Do it. Crush their Ghost.

If they choose to crush the Ghost.

Savathûn: [laughs manically]

The Guardian is killed after being Drowned in the Deep.

Savathûn: Oh you sweet, gullible killers. You'll follow any voice loud enough to command your attention.

Savathûn: Light and Dark may not be opposing forces, but you'll pit them against each other all the same.

Savathûn: Just like the Witness.

Savathûn: A word of advice: don't listen to every god who comes calling. Me included. [laughs evily]

With the mission completed, the two Guardians collect their rewards.

{End Mission:Dual Destiny}


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The Dread
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