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The Coalition


Military Alliance


Alliance against The Witness
Defense of the Sol System



Commander Zavala
Ikora Rey
Empress Caiatl
Mara Sov


The Coalition is a military alliance, composed of the people of the Last City protected by the Guardians and the Vanguard leading them, the Imperial Cabal led by Empress Caiatl, the Eliksni House of Light led by Mithrax, the people of Neomuna protected by the Cloud Strider Nimbus, and the Awoken of the Reef led by Queen Mara Sov. They actively work to defend the Sol System from the forces of The Witness, its various Disciples, and Xivu Arath.



The Coalition begins to form after signing an armistice with Empress Caiatl, integrating the House of Light into the Last City, and assisting the Awoken in rescuing the Techeuns from the forces of Xivu Arath. It would start with a joint operation between the Vanguard and the Imperial Cabal, upon learning that Savathûn, the Witch Queen, has gained the powers of the Light from the Traveler and uses her Lucent Brood to steal Light from the Guardians. Although Crow's inexperience almost placed the fledgling Coalition in danger, it remained strong thanks to the bravery of Saladin Forge and would continue to grow over time, when Empress Caiatl tasks the Guardian to shut down Psionic propaganda instigated by Yirix and spread by Qabix, Insurgent. Empress Caiatl discovers the future where Neomuna is under assault, Emperor Calus's flagship, the Leviathan returns, Eramis is freed from her Stasis prison, and the Traveler is infected with Darkness from her Psions. She declares that the Coalition must remain united in order to stay vigilant, especially as the Witness begins to reveal itself and declares war with the forces of the Sol System and the Traveler itself.

War against the Witness[edit]

The Leviathan returns in the Sol System, but derelict, heavily infested with Egregore, and in Luna's orbit. They receive intelligence from Eris Morn that Emperor Calus has begun communing with The Lunar Pyramid and unleashed the Nightmares once intended as the Lunar Pyramid's security mechanism. She and the Guardian work together in order to sever Calus's connection to the Lunar Pyramid. They begin with Crow, who is facing up against the Nightmare of Uldren. They were successful when Crow turns his Nightmare into a Memory and learns from the Memory to not ignore his past as Uldren Sov. Then they turn to Zavala, who is facing up against the Nightmare of Safiyah, his former wife. He turns his Nightmare into a Memory when he lets go his grief for Safiyah and Hakim. Finally, they turn to Caiatl, who is facing up against the Nightmare of Dominus Ghaul. Unfortunately, since she doesn't have the protection against the Nightmares, she is vulnerable to its influence. After Eris gives her the protection needed, she is able to turn her Nightmare into a Memory and finally realizes she is more worthy than her idol in leading the Cabal Empire. The Guardian, Eris, Crow, Caiatl, and Zavala all begin to strike, but Calus anticipates their arrival and has his forces ambush them. The Guardian makes their way to the Chantry of the Darkest Hour within the Lunar Pyramid and together with Empress Caiatl, faces a projection of the Herald of the Witness. Although they were able to to banish his influence from the Lunar Pyramid, they were too late in stopping Calus from becoming a Disciple of the Witness.

The next to join the Coalition would be the House of Light. Upon learning that Eramis has rallied the old crews of pirates, Ketchkillers, and Skiffblades, the Guardian assembles a crew to hunt the Pirate Lords scattered throughout the Themis Cluster. They, along with the Drifter, The Spider, Eido, and Mithrax team up to prevent Eramis from acquiring the relics containing body parts of another Disciple of the Witness, Nezarec. They do so and help improve the Eliksni Quarter so Mithrax can use the relics to bring Osiris out of coma.

The forces of the Coalition would rally together as the threat of the Witness and its Disciples loom in the Solar System. After assisting the Bray family and Osiris in bringing Rasputin back online, Mara Sov informs the leaders of the Coalition that the usage of the Warsats would allow Xivu Arath's forces to invade Earth. In response, Rasputin is forced to sacrifice himself to not only destroy all of the Warsats but also prevent Eramis from successfully completing ABHORRENT IMPERATIVE and allowing Xivu Arath a foothold to commence her invasion on Earth. The Traveler departs from Earth to confront the Black Fleet. In its absence, the Vanguard declares that the Guardians, the Awoken, the House of Light, and the Imperial Cabal will unite to stop the Witness and its Disciples together. Evidence of this union can be seen in the Tower's skies as the ships from each member of the Coalition occupy it, including Awoken Galliots, Eliksni Ketches controlled by the House of Light, and Cabal Carriers under Empress Caiatl's command.

The Witness and its forces finally arrive at Earth's orbit to confront the Traveler. The forces of the Coalition respond to defend it, but the defense fails as the pilots go down in the fight and the Witness soon learns the location of The Veil. The Guardian and Osiris follow the Shadow Legion fleet heading for Neptune. Upon landing on Neptune, the Coalition begins an alliance with the people of Neomuna by assisting the Cloud Striders in the fight against the Shadow Legion led by the newly-risen Disciple of the Witness, Emperor Calus. Mara informs the Guardian that she is responding to the Vanguard's aid and they are fighting a two-front war with the Shadow Legion, with one front on Neptune, and the other front on Earth. With the information in mind, the Guardian works to prevent Calus and the Witness from establishing a link with the Veil alongside Osiris, Nimbus, Rohan, and Caiatl. Rohan is forced to sacrifice himself to destroy the Radial Mast and prevent it from establishing a link with the Veil, leaving Nimbus as the sole Cloud Strider to defend Neomuna. They would work to make their final assault on Calus by having Caiatl rally the Cabal to fight alongside the Guardian, Nimbus reactivate the remaining CloudArk defenses throughout Neomuna, and Osiris assist the Guardian in their mastery of Strand. Once the mastery of Strand is complete, the Guardian eventually confronts Calus at the Veil Containment site underneath the Veil. They defeat him, but the victory is short-lived as the Witness possesses Ghost to establish a link with the Veil and open the portal using its energy so it can subsequently begin the Final Shape. Despite the setback, the Guardian work to assist Nimbus in tracking down Rohan's notes leading into the Black Garden, repair Cloud Strider monuments damaged by the Vex, and end Nezarec's influence on the people by confronting him inside the terraformed Pyramid once inhabited by the Witness. Soteria informs the Guardian that an enemy of the Witness is hiding somewhere on Titan and urges them to not waste time.

The Guardian returns to Earth and meets with Mara, Devrim, and Mithrax at the Farm. They follow Amanda's distress signal into the EDZ and breach the Pyramid outpost's warding with the Ascendant Scepter. They kill the warden in charge and rescue the prisoners captured by the Shadow Legion including Amanda. They go and rescue more prisoners in the Cosmodrome by killing the warden in charge there and overcoming its Psionic powers. Next, they infiltrate a Shadow Legion prison ship to kill the warden there and rescue more prisoners. Amanda and Mithrax intercept a distress signal inside the EDZ Tunnels and requests the Guardian's assistance. After defeating a Tormentor named Vereziia, Reverent of the Witness, they assist in getting the prisoners out. Tragically however, Amanda is killed in the prison facility's explosion. The Coalition holds a vigil for Amanda in the Farm as Crow forms a plan to avenge Amanda. He soon does so and tells the Guardian of the plan: they would infiltrate the Shadow Legion flagship while he, Devrim, and Mithrax would assist them in eliminating the forces occupying it. After dispelling the Pyramid beacons, Crow detonates the charges set up in the hangar. The Guardian then makes their way to the engine room and use the powers sent by Mara Sov to destroy the cooling fans, then the engine. They finally scuttle the flagship and see it blow up from the sky. The forces of the Coalition celebrate their victory and honor Amanda's memory. The Coalition soon turn their attention to a Cabal warbase in the EDZ. Empress Caiatl dispatches her Psions to secure the warbase, but they are soon captured by Shadow Legion forces led by a new Bracus Zahn. The Empress, with the assistance from Devrim, tasks the Guardian with freeing her forces so her Ascendant Guards can fight alongside them in their assault on the warbase. They follow the new Bracus Zahn to the top of the warbase and together with their Cabal allies, finally put an end to Bracus Zahn's legacy.

The Coalition led by the Vanguard would be forced to follow Soteria's lead as their attempts to follow the Witness have failed with the death of Joxer. As Titan reappears in the Sol System, they discover Deputy Commander Sloane's distress signal. Zavala organizes a rescue team including himself, Saladin, Saint-14, and the Guardian. As the rescue team explore the derelict rig, Xivu Arath announces her presence on Titan by sending in Hive and Taken forces to hamper the rescue team's efforts to find Sloane. After pushing back her forces, the Drifter arrives in the Derelict to assist the rescue team. Zavala discovers the origin of the distress signal lies in the depths of Kraken Mare at 1 kilometer. The Guardian, Drifter, and Zavala reunite with Sloane. She reveals the Taken corruption inhabiting her body and introduces them to a large sea creature named Ahsa. Sloane informs them that Ahsa has vital information regarding the Witness, but in order to do so, she will need Egregore coral and technology salvaged from the New Pacific Arcology so she can form a psychic connection with Ahsa and get the message delivered to the Coalition. After enough Egregore is used to strengthen Sloane's connection with Ahsa, Ahsa is able to tell the Coalition of a huge revelation: the Witness is a gestalt of the first civilization uplifted by the Traveler made manifest through the power of Darkness they learned from the Veil. Ahsa also reveals more information about the Final Shape, a plan to reshape the universe to the Witness's desire by connecting the Veil and the Traveler together. However, the connection is lost before Ahsa is able to explain the next step that will allow the Vanguard to follow the Witness. The Coalition discovers that Xivu Arath is using her Wizards to conduct a ritual to Take Ahsa and responds to stop the ritual. The Guardian and the Iron War Beasts led by Saladin work together to stop the ritual. After escorting Ahsa to safety, she finally reveals the next step: resurrect Savathûn. Meanwhile, Osiris and Nimbus work together to gain more information about the Veil through various logs left behind by Dr. Chioma Esi.

Known Members[edit]

Humanity of Earth & Guardians[edit]






  • Rasputin - Warmind intelligence, inactive per AURORA SACRIFICE
  • Soteria - Augurmind intelligence, submind living within the CloudArk
  • Archie - Robotic dog containing fragments of Rasputin
  • Ahsa - Ancient enemy of the Witness living in Titan's methane sea

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