Bracus Du'urund, Coalition Ally

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Bracus Du'urund, Coalition Ally




Imperial Cabal


PsiOps Battlegrounds: Moon

Combat information


Cabal Magma Launcher


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Magma Malfunction
Magma Burn Effect
Strafe Thrusters
Limited Flight
Compression Blast


Bracus Du'urund, Coalition Ally is a Cabal Incendior and Bracus of the Imperial Cabal. They are sent to the Moon by Empress Caiatl to assist their Guardian allies in stopping the Hive's attempt to retake the Scarlet Keep.[1]


Bracus Du'urund wears armor that appears similar in design to the kind worn by the Blood Guard Incendiors of the Red Legion, but dark-grey and blue with golden lining, instead of red. A large symbol of the Cabal Ascendancy covers their chest plate. Like other Incendior units, they utilize a Magma Launcher, which is connected to a giant tanker that sits on their back, and their shoulder armor is outfitted with flame exhausts. Their lower arms are completely bare, lacking any kind of protection.

Du'urund appears near the beginning of the mission at the Tower of Woe to provide backup for the Guardian fireteam storming the area. It is possible for them to die if they sustain too much damage from the surrounding enemies, but this is unlikely, so long as you continue fighting through the Hive forces. Once all of the combatants are defeated, the Bracus will remain at the Tower while players press on to the next objective.


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