Bracus Reghusk, Coalition Ally

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Bracus Reghusk, Coalition Ally




Imperial Cabal


PsiOps Battlegrounds: Moon

Combat information


Cabal Slug Shotgun


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Rapid Firing
Limited Flight


Bracus Reghusk, Coalition Ally is a Cabal Legionary Bracus who serves under the banner of the Imperial Cabal. They are deployed to the Scarlet Keep by Empress Caiatl to support the Guardians in stopping the Hive invasion of the fortress.[1]


Bracus Reghusk adorns armor similar in design to Blood Guard Legionaries, but dark-grey and blue in color, with a large, gold symbol emblazoned on their chest plate, and two crests on their back. Unlike their Red Legion counterparts, however, they lack a wrist blade and are mostly bare, except for some cloth wrapped around them. They come equipped with a Cabal Slug Shotgun, typical of most Legionaries.

When the fireteam approaches the bridge of the Scarlet Keep, where Reghusk arrives, two Blistered Ogres will appear and most likely kill the Legionary with their overwhelming firepower. However, it is possible to save Reghusk if you take out the Ogres fast enough. This can be done most effectively by casting Thundercrash to fly down to the bridge, or by timing your jumps with the stairs below to gain initial speed near the dead legionaries. The last method is using a high-damage heavy weapon, like Sleeper Simulant or a Rocket Launcher, to quickly dispatch the Ogre duo that spawns.


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