Tse Jingye

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Tse Jingye
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Administrator Tse





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Police Commander

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In charge of security of Neomuna.


Tse Jingye is a Human administrator in charge of overseeing security in the city of Neomuna. She assists Guardians running tactical intel on assassination targets during Patrols.


Tse Jingye was born on the city of Neomuna; whose lineage likely goes as far back as a descendant of one of the original passengers of the Exodus Indigo and member of the Ishtar Collective.[1] At some point, Jingye became administrator in charge of the city's security and day-to-day operations, in addition to being a police profiler.[2]

When the Witness arrived at the Sol System accompanied by the Shadow Legion, all of Neomuna went into lockdown as every citizen had their consciousness uploaded onto the city's CloudArk network for their own safety. However few survivalist holdouts tried living outside of the grid and attempted to salvage supplies only to be arrested by the city's security, whose minds were in control of Frames as proxies. Jingye would interrogate one of the suspects in the flesh and offered deep cryo as an option instead of uploading themselves.[3] Sometime afterward, she would join the rest of the city in uploading her mind into the CloudArk as well.

Jingye would introduce herself to the Guardian via virtual projection, offering intelligence on high priority targets for assassinations.[4] However, Jingye would suffer from recurring nightmares due to the psychic influence of Nezarec, Final God of Pain infecting the CloudArk.[5] She would later thank the Guardians for their part after killing the Disciple and clearing the network of his influence.[6]

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