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Hunt for the Lost


War against the Witness
Severing of the Nightmares

Lucent War



  • Countless Scorn
  • Countless Taken
  • Thousands of Cabal Deserters and Conspirators
  • Dozens of Guardians
  • Dozens of Imperial Cabal (including those killed by friendly fire)
  • Savathûn and her commanders
  • Dozens of Hive Lightbearers and their Ghosts
  • Thousands of Hive
  • Rhulk
  • Thousands of Scorn
  • Thousands of Taken
  • Hundreds of Cabal Deserters and Conspirators

The Lucent War, also known as Operation Elbrus, was a massive conflict that took place shortly after the exorcism of Savathûn’s worm. After the reappearance of Mars and the rise of the Light-based Lucent Brood, the Vanguard, along with their Imperial Cabal allies and with the assistance of Mara Sov of The Reef, would begin assaulting and conducting operations against Savathûn’s newly formed brood. During this conflict, Scorn and Taken forces, first led by Rhulk, and then the Witness, would assault Lucent and Guardian forces, turning the war in the High Coven into a three-front war.


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