Bracus Lume, Coalition Ally

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Bracus Lume, Coalition Ally




Imperial Cabal






Sever - Rage
Sever - Resolve

Combat information


Cabal Slug Shotgun


High Durability
Rapid Movement
Rapid Firing
Limited Flight


Bracus Lume, Coalition Ally is a Cabal Legionary and a Bracus of the Imperial Cabal. They twice accompanied Empress Caiatl to the Underbelly of the Derelict Leviathan when she went in there to challenge the Nightmare of Dominus Ghaul.[1][2]


Bracus Lume adorns armor similar in design to Blood Guard Legionaries, but dark-grey and blue in color, with a large, gold symbol emblazoned on their chest plate, and two crests on their back. Unlike their Red Legion counterparts, however, they lack a wrist blade and are mostly bare, except for some cloth wrapped around them. They come equipped with a Cabal Slug Shotgun, typical of most Legionaries.

Lume can be found fighting alongside Val Parthus within the Leviathan's Underbelly in the final two Sever Missions: Rage and Resolve. In both missions, you will run into them at the Engineering Bay after fighting through a few corridors packed with Loyalists. After you have reached the two Coalition Allies, you must assist them in clearing the bay of the incoming hordes of Cabal and Scorn enemies. Once they have all been eliminated, set down an amplifier in the Egregore matter so you and Caiatl's guards can push forward. After you drop down into the Ventilator, you will meet up with Optus Ulios. The group will wait for The Guardian to lift the lockdown, lowering the energy barrier blocking the way and allowing them to push onward to Caiatl's position. In Resolve, large numbers of Scorn will spawn in the airshaft, attempting to stop you from making it to your objective, and Lume will again fight alongside you. Your allies will stop just short of the final boss arena, guarding the entrance while you take on the Nightmare of Ghaul. They will transmat away when the mission ends.

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