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The Almighty
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Production information



Product line:


Technical specifications


3,000 kilometers (speculated)

Other system(s):

  • Shield generator
  • Warp drive




Energy Beam Stellar Link
Retractable gun turrets


Red Legion
Crimson Shadow



Mass Destruction


Red Legion (formerly, destroyed by Rasputin)


"They call it... "The Almighty". The crown jewel of the Red Legion and life's work of their leader... Dominus Ghaul. Ghaul has subjugated hundreds of worlds. Those that resisted... no longer exist. You see, the Almighty annihilates stars."

The Almighty was a massive Cabal superweapon, stated to be the pride of the Red Legion.


"Even if you manage to kill Ghaul, when the Red Legion leave a system — defeat or victory —they leave nothing behind."

The Almighty was a colossal vessel said to be the life's work of Dominus Ghaul. It was thousands of times larger than the standard Cabal Warships and Carriers, possibly even larger than Oryx's Dreadnaught; rivalling the diameter of Mercury in width.[1] Following the conquest of a star system by the Red Legion, the Almighty was sent in to extract whatever resources it can from the system and then completely annihilate it.

The Almighty worked by consuming a nearby celestial body, breaking it down and converting it into fuel that powers an energy beam that linked with the system's star on a quantum level. This link was so strong that if the Almighty were to be destroyed before decoupling, it would cause a chain reaction that would destroy both the star and the system. The energy beam gradually weakens and destabilizes the star's magnetic field to the point where it can no longer support itself and collapses into a system annihilating supernova. In the final moments before the star's collapse the Almighty severed its link with the star and warps to another system, where the process repeats.

Its hull is very tough that even with the firepower of the Dead Orbit's fleets no dent could be put on it and would ricochet. It required the power of Rasputin to destroy it, though it took time to do so and has many gun turrets to protect itself. [2] Even during a boarding action, it has some sort of trap that causes its targets to be frozen in place for thousands of years, its disarming point is the mechanism at the trap's center. As to its origin, it remains unknown.[3]

The Almighty is also the site of the hoard of technology and knowledge Ghaul had accumulated in his crusade to develop his Light extraction technology and Traveler Cage.


When Ghaul conquered a planet, he would use the Almighty to annihilate those that refused to submit. It is unknown how many worlds have been destroyed in this manner. After the fall of the Last City, the Almighty was deployed to Sol. It began breaking down Mercury for fuel, and linked with the star in preparation for destroying the Solar System once Ghaul had obtained the Traveler's Light for the Red Legion. Commander Zavala, Deputy Commander Sloane, and the Guardian resistance learned of the Almighty after hacking a high-priority Red Legion comms signal. Although they initially despaired that the Red War had already been lost, Zavala resolved to launch an all-or-nothing attack to destroy the Almighty. This plan was later revealed to be folly when Asher Mir used an old Warmind vault on Io to analyze the superweapon and discovered that it could not be destroyed without also destroying the Sun.

The Vanguard decided on a two-pronged approach: The Guardian would board and disable the Almighty before it could finish sapping the Sun, while the Guardian resistance launched an attack to reclaim the Last City. The Guardian succeeded, damaging the Almighty's cooling system and causing a catastrophic failure. The Consul received word of what befell the Almighty, telling Ghaul that their flagship had been "lost" and "laid waste". After Ghaul's defeat and the Traveler's reawakening, the broken Almighty remained orbiting the Sun.

Survivors of the Almighty's destruction have been found on Mercury and are currently fighting the Vex in the Fields of Glass. The Almighty itself remained in orbit between Mercury and the Sun, with half the planet floating as debris.

During the War for the Dreaming City a Guardian looter boarded the derelict vessel. A trap of unknown origin was set off suspending the Guardian within a time distortion. The Guardian's Ghost was unable to revive him and estimates he will disarm the trap in 50,000 years.

After a family quartet of Psion Flayers were thwarted of their efforts to rewrite history at the Sundial, their youngest and sole surviving sibling Amtec commandeered the Almighty. In a final act of desperation and to avenge her sisters, the Cabal set the Almighty adrift on a collision course with Earth, specifically targeting the Last City. Despite the efforts of Zavala and Ana Bray clearing the ship of Cabal, they had disabled the vessel's propulsion and navigation systems to prevent any attempt at veering off its intended target.

This began the next series of events known as the Almighty Crisis as the Guardians only had weeks to prepare for its impact. Ana Bray and Zavala, allying with Rasputin, decided to rearm the Warmind's planetary defenses to destroy the encroaching ship before it reaches Earth.[4]

Mere moments before the Almighty was slated to enter atmospheric entry, Rasputin began bombarding the Almighty using the satellites that Guardians had assisted in rearming during the prior months. This barrage of weapons fire continued for a full hour where they continued pelting the shield of the superweapon, until the Almighty finally began to break up and explode once its reactor/core was struck in a spectacular fashion, crashing into the side of a mountain outside the City, unleashing a large shockwave, and ending the legacy of the superweapon. Despite this, its wings still hung in the orbit of Earth for a few more hours until falling where debris continues to rain down. Its debris struck the Tower causing some minor damage towards the back end of the Eververse shop. The Tower was unscathed without considering the minor hits it took.

Dark Future Timeline[edit]

In the Exo Stranger's Timeline, The Last City and humanity there suffered massive loss and destruction during an event called the "Bombardment" where the Cabal, Fallen and Hive attacked at the same time. Sometime in the aftermath, Zavala rested in the Wreckage of the Almighty where Exo Stranger and Anastasia Bray visited him with Rasputin. They realized the Almighty still has operating computers with data on Ghaul's plan to capture the Traveler with the Traveler Cage and how to construct it.[5]


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  • The Almighty is the third enemy spacecraft in the Destiny series that has entered the Solar System and has proven to be unable to be destroyed, for fear of destroying the entire system - the others being the Dreadnaught and The Leviathan.
    • Given the scale of the Almighty compared to other stellar objects, it is likely 3500 kilometers across, making it larger than The Leviathan and roughly equal in scale to The Dreadnaught. All three ships being, in essence, mobile dwarf planets.
    • This is contradicted by the conclusion of Season of the Worthy however, where the Almighty was destroyed and crashed to earth without causing a global extinction event or dwarfing the mountain range surrounding its impact point.
  • An early concept for the Almighty depicted it as a sun-destroying missile.
  • When looking towards the Almighty during Sunside of 1AU, the Guardian can noticeably see gun turrets similar to the ones on The Immortal.
  • When on Mercury, the Almighty could be seen orbiting the sun if one looked closely.
    • During Season of the Worthy, it was removed from Mercury's sky and in the second-last week of the season, it became visible from the Tower when looking at the sun.


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